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All You Need to Know about Colloidal Silver Leave a comment

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Colloidal Silver, known as one of the world’s most effective natural antibiotics, is highly effective in preventing bacterial growth and protecting your health. Not only does it help fight infections and cleanse the mouth and teeth, but it also helps boost immunity and reduce inflammation. In this blog, we will explore the various aspects of colloidal silver to help you better understand and utilize its potential.

The Basics of Colloidal Silver

We all know that colloidal silver is a powerful antibacterial tool. But do you know what components of colloidal silver make it so effective? There are numerous ways to use colloidal silver, such as using it as a mouthwash to reduce bacteria and prevent tooth decay or applying colloidal silver drops to the eyes to reduce redness and manage other eye infections. Learn more about the diverse applications of colloidal silver by reading this blog.

How to Make Your Own Colloidal Silver

The market offers a wide variety of colloidal silver products with different effects. Why not try making your own colloidal silver at home? Our customers love Spooky2 colloidal silver and have enjoyed making their own. They have used their homemade colloidal silver for gargling, wound cleansing, and household disinfection. You can also produce top-quality colloidal silver with Spooky2. In this blog, we will guide you through the hardware and detailed steps required to make colloidal silver at home. Click here to read the blog.

How to Test Colloidal Silver

Our customers often ask how to determine the success of colloidal silver production and if TDS meters can be used to test colloidal silver. TDS meters are not suitable for testing colloidal silver. Instead, we can use a laser light to test the success of colloidal silver production. You can read this blog to learn more details.

The Difference Between Colloidal Silver and Ionic Silver

Colloidal silver consists of small particles of silver suspended in a liquid that are stable and suitable for both external (skin) and internal use, providing significant benefits to the body. Ionic silver, on the other hand, consists of silver atoms dissolved in a liquid. When ionic silver interacts with body salts, it converts into unwanted silver chloride, making it suitable only for external use on the skin. For more details, you can refer to this blog.

Spooky2 Colloidal Silver Reviews

Spooky2 has gained popularity among numerous customers due to its ease and effectiveness in producing colloidal silver. Some customers use colloidal silver to relieve pain, while others use it to boost their immune system and improve their overall health. We’ve collected some testimonials from customers, so let’s explore they customers benefit from using colloidal silver together! Click here to read reviews.

Colloidal silver can be applied to wounds as a preventive measure against infections or sprayed within your household to sanitize your living space. Consistent and accurate use of colloidal silver can contribute to maintaining your well-being and ensuring a safe and hygienic environment. If you want to make your own colloidal silver, try Spooky2 to enjoy its benefits now. Also, welcome to share your experience of using colloidal silver in the comment section.

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