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Hi friends,

Much exciting and useful work has been done by Members here creating and sharing their Spooky2 Presets. Until the 3 January release, using these Presets could be problematic if the user had added custom waveforms.

With the latest software, the Presets system has now been amended to address this, opening the way for more organised sharing. So here’s what we propose to do:

1. Henceforth, new and useful Presets can be emailed to me at: [email protected]

The email should include the Preset’s purpose and application(s), names of the waveforms used, any special instructions for running it, and usage tips. Custom waveforms (if any) should be included in the package supplied.

2. I will load and test them to ensure they run correctly.

3. Because we don’t wish to overload users’ Presets menus, I will assemble “banks” of 16 Presets. These banks will be distributed as zipped folders from the Spooky2 website’s Downloads page.

4. Each bank folder will contain a PDF “ReadMe” file that lists the Presets contained. Each Preset will credit its builder (unless requested otherwise) together with the information supplied to me. The PDF will also show people how to install their new goodies.

For various different reasons, many Spooky2 users choose not to join us here at the Forum. By doing it like this, Members’ work will be available to ALL Spooky2 users, whether they’re Forum Members or not, and everything will be in one place.

This system also makes it easy to upload new banks as they are created, and to update existing banks quickly if necessary. And it’s not tied to our software/guide updates release schedule.

Everyone wins!

Preset requirements:

1. It should not contain any proprietorial or paid-for frequencies.

2. It must be built using the 3 January release of Spooky2, or later.

3. It should be accompanied by the information I’ve mentioned above.

Waveform architects are not forgotten either – if you’ve created a useful new waveform, please send it to me at the email address above along with a note about how it should best be used. I’ll make a screenshot and include it in a PDF to accompany the bank. This will also contain the builders’ names (unless otherwise requested) along with usage notes and instructions.

This is likely to be the most important year in Spooky’s history. Let’s start it off with a bang!

Namaste, and much love and light to you all.


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