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Chinese Food Energies and Gut Health Leave a comment

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In traditional Chinese medicine, there are values assigned to foods as to how they affect the body and gut, in particular. (Three Chinese Food Energies Charts attached.)

Chinese Food Energies

The range of energy values goes from “Cold” to “Cool” to “Neutral” to “Warm” to “Hot”. Obviously, for the gut, one would want to stay between Cold and Neutral.

Most of the Cold/Hot food energy values are obvious (watermelon vs. garlic), however, there are many surprises on the Warm/Hot columns. I point this out as most of us eat what may be seemingly “innocent” foods that might be severely aggravating the gut. Some examples of surprisingly Warm and Hot foods include: mushroom, cabbage, green bean, carrot, cherry, grape, orange (while lemon is cool!), raspberry, apricot, peach, oat, wheat bran, millet, sesame seed, chestnut, lentil, pine nut, beef, chicken, lamb, basil, brown sugar, and vinegar.

Obviously, foods in the Warm and Hot column may be eaten, but need to be “outweighed” by those in the Cold to Neutral columns. Using this chart, which was given to me by an acupuncturist, has helped me to identify and control food triggers for eczema.

The fourth chart is a dowsing chart that I created to identify foods that are not listed-or, simply self-test by holding the food to your heart chakra and see if you fall back (NO!), stand centered (NEUTRAL), or fall forward (YES!).

I hope that this is helpful for those working on balancing their gut.

Authored by: Ted Petrochko
Source: http://www.spooky2.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=5263

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