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How to Connect Spooky2 Accessories 3

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We have developed various accessories to give you the best experience of Spooky2. And if you have bought any of Spooky2 sets you should get most of these accessories from the package.

In the following video, John will show you how to connect Spooky2 accessories.

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  1. I need video on how to connect with the GENX…how to connect to remote with GENX

    Brittany Taylor
  2. I’m trying to figure out the boost setup. I see that it plugs in to one of the two GX ports. Once attached, the boost has two places to add accessories. On one side I put the remote sensor with my fingernails and am running the terrain program. But since each GX port can only run one program at a time, how can I use the second boost connection? Wouldn’t I have to run the exact same program on both? I’m confused.

    Terry Johnson

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