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How to Identify the Correct Port Number in Spooky2 Software 10

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Spooky2 XM Generator or GeneratorX Pro is essential to run Spooky2 programs. However, many customers are confused about how to identify the generator port in the software. So, this blog will demonstrate how to differentiate and find the correct port numbers for each generator in the Spooky2 software.

How to identify the port number of Spooky2 XM Generator

First, please connect your Spooky2 XM to your PC or laptop.

Then, turn on the Spooky2 XM and open your Spooky2 software.

Go to the Control tab, and you will see your generator on the left side of the screen. If your generator is not detected, go to Utils and click Rescan Devices.

Spooky2 XM has only one port, so it is easy to find its port number. If you want to use multiple XMs at the same time, we suggest you connect them one by one. After one generator is identified, you can make a note on it. Then connect the next one, and click Rescan Devices, the new Generator Port Number that appears on the screen will be the second XM.

How to identify the port numbers of GeneratorX Pro

Once the generator is connected, turn on the GX Pro and open your Spooky2 software.

Go to the Control tab, and you will see two port numbers on the left side of the screen since are two generators built-in for each GX Pro. If your generator is not detected, go to Utils and click Rescan Devices.

Now, check the display screen of the generator to identify the ports. For example, in this picture, you can see G1 is port8 and G2 is port 9.

If you have questions about how to connect Spooky2 generators, please watch the following videos:

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  1. Hi. I followed the procedure as described here. Rescanned the devices, but than I don’t see on my GenX a port number after G2 or G2. When I than start remote program, I do see lights blinking on my remote, so I guess this connection is working. But why don’t I see the port numbers when rescanning?

    1. Hi, you mean your GX machine doesn’t show any port number when it’s running? Please feel free to send your questions to [email protected], better with some photos, our support team will help you have a further check and reply to you ASAP:)

  2. I am interested in getting a spooky2 .I see it has many functions I and I am not sure what any of them are used for.. Do you have some place i can read about the spooky2?

    1. Hi, Scott. You can know an outline of Spooky2 functions from this link: https://www.spooky2-mall.com/about-spooky2/
      And if you want to learn deeper about the characteristics of each kit, you can check with this link: https://www.spooky2-mall.com/which-kit-to-choose
      Of course, you are welcome to contact our customer service at [email protected], they will give you much more professional advice based on your conditions:)

  3. I’m trying to connect my XM generator along with my GenX. the genX displays both generator buttons but the XM generator is not being recognized. I’ve followed the videos and it should show up but it doesn’t. Not sure what to do at this point

    1. Hi, have you installed all drivers for XM and GX correctly? And please have a check with this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpN7uK9os-Q&t=1s
      Or rescan your generators under the utils menus. If you also haven’t loved this issue, please feel free to contact our customer service at [email protected], they is willing to help you have a further check and help you ASAP:)

  4. You haven’t explained how to determine the port numbers when using XM Generators. I have four XM generators and several Generator X devices running with remotes from the same computer. Determining which port icon & Control page belongs to which physical generator is difficult with the XM Generators. The easiest method I have found is to put my hand on each generator and then use the Stop and Start buttons to turn each XM generator on or off until I can determine by feel which XM is controlled by which port icon! Other than using a stethoscope to listen for the distinctive “click” of each XM generator turning on/off I know of no other way to do this.

    Clearly changes need to be made in the hardware of the XM Generator to improve this process.

    1. Dear Gordon, thank you for your kind advice. Your advice will help us to improve. For now, I’d suggest you connect the XM generator with the computer one by one. Then make a note on each XM generator about the port number. This is the way what most users do. Hope it helps. 🙂

  5. Thank you for presenting this information in an easy to understand way. I’m a newbie that’s had my GenX Pro for about a month (just finished remote 11-day terrain for myself and wife). I look forward to all of your info emailed or in webinars/videos. And lots of information to search for in Spooky2 Help, Spooky2 Forum, and the Spooky2 Facebook groups. I’m looking to heal an inguinal hernia. Also looking to see how much the Spooky2 Scalar will assist in the healing. Thanks again John White and Spooky2 team!

    1. Dear Dave, thank you so much for your support and kindness! It is always our pleasure and we are happy what we have done can help you. For hernia, we have related programs in the database. You can use the keyword to search. You can run programs under remote or contact mode. Here it is a blog may help you: https://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/how-long-and-how-often-to-use-contact-remote-and-plasma/. Any questions, feel free to let us know. 🙂

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