Spooky2 has the biggest frequency database for all kinds of diseases in the world. You can download Spooky2 software for free, and check whether the frequencies you need are included.

You can download Spooky2 starters pack from here if you are new to Spooky2:

The following instruction shows how to install Spooky2 software:

First, please download the software. Then double click the installer. This will have a filename ending in "_Setup.exe." The following series of screens are presented, each of which you must respond to after this one.

Here, the installer is unpacking its files.

Language Selection: next, you'll see this language selection dialog. Choose your installer language from the list, then click OK.

Then you'll see the Welcome screen on the next page.

Welcome: the installer program starts. Click Next >

The License Agreement screen appears. Choose "YES – I Accept the terms of the License Agreement," then click Next >

Choose Destination Location: the installer will create a new folder named Spooky2. Click Next >

The following screen appears:

Setup Complete: tick the checkbox labelled "Yes, launch the program file," then click Finish. If you're not ready to start using Spooky2 just yet, simply click Finish.

No Generators Detected: you'll see the following alert:

Choose Yes to install the driver. Choosing No will cause Spooky2 to enter Test Mode. Doing this will not install the driver required for real, physical generators.

If you click Yes instead, the driver installer for the Spooky2-5M generator launches. Click Next >

The driver installation for the Spooky2-5M generator completes. Click Finish.

Please turn on the generator before you launch the software.