The following will help you determine the ideal TENS pad locations for GeneratorX biofeedback sessions.

1. It is better to have the electrodes as close as possible across the problem area, so more of the bad pathogen cells are passed by the signal.

2. Bisect the area of interest. If it is the liver, place the pads at the front and back of the liver. If it is the kidneys, you could place the pads either across one (front and back) or across both (side to side).

The Problem Area

3. For a general scan, place the pads on the left and right of the torso, midway between the hips and the shoulders. The signal will go through the gut, which is a major organ, reflecting the state of your body. Many pathogens reside there.

The General Scan

4. For head and neck areas, do not place TENS pads directly, because your two most important organs reside there: the thyroid and your brain. Use the back of both shoulders.

The Head and Neck Area

5. It is not a good idea to place TENS pads at the right wrist and left ankle for a scan using GeneratorX. The results will not be as precise as if the TENS pads are close. There are two reasons:

A. The signal is passing through more healthy tissue, overshadowing the signal of the pathogens.

B.The signal is reduced, because the human body has resistance to electrical signals.

TENS Pads Placement Warning

The safety of our users is our top priority. We recommend to our users that TENS pads should not be used above the neckline or across the heart to protect users from serious injury.

If people wish to experiment with placement outside our guidelines, we cannot be held responsible for any adverse effects.