Important Notice for MW Database Experimenters 7

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MW(Molecular weight) is a collection of over 13,000 programs for pharmaceutical drugs, essential oils, vitamins and minerals, and molecules important to health.

Please note that running MW programs will emulate the effect of the substance, not to remove it.

The duration is not critical if you run MW nutritional programs like minerals, essential oils, etc. They are natural, and your body can expel any excess. However, if you run MW drug frequencies, we recommend that you run them once, then give your body time to assimilate the effects before giving yourself another “dose” if necessary.

Pharmaceutical drugs are man-made chemicals that are unknown in nature. This allows them to be patented. While many believe that using drug frequencies rather than their physical substance prevents nasty side effects, we have not seen evidence of this.

You should therefore exercise EXTREME CAUTION when experimenting with these frequencies. In no case should a drug program ever be set to run non-stop remotely. If any undesirable effects become apparent, you may be too far from your Spooky2 rig to terminate the program.

It is a good idea to simultaneously run Adverse Drug Reaction XTRA whilst running any drug programs. It may help reduce the nasty side effects of the drug(s).

MW Database

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  1. What about the David Halliday “experimental Freguencies” we need some more detailed instructions on those . Example he says to run the first 2 programs before any of the other programs, does that mean run once and good , or run before every program we use?? Also David talks about putting the healing device under your arm, is this not defeating the purpose of using remote.? Any help would be much appreciated

    1. Hi, Joan. You can read the note on the right. It is better to run the first 2 programs before any of the other programs, you can fully enjoy the benefits and effects if you do that. But if not it is also effective. Putting the healing device under your arm can be most effective but remote can affect you everywhere.

      1. I think Joan’s question was if on day 1 I ran first 2 + others on day 2 would I need to run first 2 again or just carry on?

        1. Thank you for reminding. I search the guide and it occurs in NOTE 1: You must run the previous full ‘Spiritual Wellbeing’ and ‘Chakra & Meridian’ frequency set before this – Mandatory! in every DH preset. So you need to run the two frequencies before every preset. But when the time is limit, you can also carry on.

  2. Is it possible to create a MW for a herbal formula which has a numberof different components. There are many realy good formulas which would be a real help to heal people rather than do each one separately. Anyone know if this is posible. Also is there a formula for converting MW to frequency?

    Grant Ferguson
    1. Hi, Grant. If you want formulas for converting MW to a frequency, you can go to System Tab and see Frequency Conversions.

      1. Thanks for that

        Grant Ferguson

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