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[SAMA] Episode 49: Eco Communities: How do they function? Leave a comment

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We are delighted to have Dr. Yole Raam as our guest expert in this week’s episode.

Episode 49: Eco Communities: How do they function?
Date: Friday, May 4, 2018
Time: 9:30 AM Nanjing, China (GMT+8.00)
SAMA Expert: Dr. Yole Raam

Sustainable ecovillage design is a new discipline, expressing the needs of the future for sustainable development and lifestyle. It has grown and been unfolding from below on order for it to expand and fulfill the needs of society.

Integrating economic, social, ecological and spiritual dimensions will lead to a new kind of holistic planning – Integrated Sustainable Ecovillage Design. Communities will be conscious holographic reflections of the whole. The overall philosophical basis will be an evolutionary, holographic, spiritual, celebratory, eco-literate, existential worldview. My students repeatedly express the view that “living and learning” in a Sustainable ecovillage is “a life-changing experience”.

To enable Integrated Sustainable Ecovillage designs to express the will of a future group of inhabitants, you need to learn a lot of skills, which are not found in any single education today. To get all the people having different skills to cooperate – architects, engineers, biologists, permaculture designers, farmers, gardeners, social workers, the people from local municipality, etc. was an enormous challenge. The role of the sustainable ecovillage designer may be compared to that of a midwife or facilitator. Sustainable ecovillages are not developer-led. They are led by a group of future inhabitants. The process of future residents being involved in the planning is important in creating the “glue” that will keep the project together. In a Sustainable Ecovillage Design, you help the parents to give birth in a natural way. You are a facilitator, giving and teaching all the tools necessary for the parents to express their innermost cravings and fantasies. In the beginning you help them through all the phases of a futures workshop ending up with a realistic concept. You help them build a group process and make them capable of solving conflicts. You show them the state of the art of permaculture and Integrated Sustainable Ecovillage Design. You help them visit places. You help them listen to the land and their own innermost truths. You help the group to give birth to a new culture.

Dr. Yole Raam pioneered holistic, natural, healthy and sustainable living in Europe and USA since 1979. He created and managed numerous environmental, charitable, educational organizations and projects.

Now Yole continues contributing to global awakening and healing work unifying ancient traditional wisdom and modern scientific research to restore natural life on earth, healthy families and balanced global economy.

During this interview, Dr. Yole Raam will share:

  • What is the Eco Community?
  • Why do we need to build Eco Community?
  • The benefits of Eco Community
  • How to build Eco Community.

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