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Spooky2 Colloidal Silver Q&A 4

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Q: What is the absolute basic to get so I can make high quality colloidal silver.

A: If you only need absolutely basic to make colloidal silver, nothing else, then below is what you need.
Spooky2 Colloidal Silver Generator Kit, which includes:
Spooky2-xm generator,
Spooky Boost v3.0,
Colloidal silver rods,
Magnetic stirrer.

Q: How many times can I use silver rods to make colloidal silver of an extra quality? How can I see when they are not efficient anymore?

A: The silver rods are efficient whilst you can see them and dip them in water. They last a very long time.

Q: When we make colloidal silver, should silver rods become black?

A: Silver rods will be gray, if it goes black, it means your water has impurity.

Q: In the magnetic stirrer there is a small magnet, what is it for? How do I run/use the magnetic stirrer?

A: Drop the little plastic agitator inside container and place on top of the stirrer, to improve the quality of your colloidal silver production with our magnetic stirrer.


Q: My software does not have the JW-colloidal silver generator frequencies preinstalled. Where can I find them?

A: There is no frequency set for for this in the database. They are written into a Preset along with all the other necessary settings. You must load the JW-Colloidal Silver Preset from the Preset Program Menu.
For more details, please check the link:

Q: Which frequencies do you recommend to run to generate colloidal silver?

A: The Colloidal Silver Preset sets the parameters to the ideal. If the frequency is too high the silver particles do not slough off the electrodes properly. The 5 Hz for this Preset is multiplied by the number of wave cycles in the special waveform.

Q: How do I enter the time frame to make my colloidal silver on the October Version of the software?

A: Please follow the steps:
Step 1: Choose Utils- Colloidal/Ionic Silver Calculator

Step 2: Enter the Volume and PPM of your Colloidal Silver. Write down the Duration (mins)

Step 3: Choose Colloidal Silver Preset

Step 4: Fill in the Dwell (Duration mins) on Programs Tab


Q: Does anyone know the size of the silver particles in the Spooky made Colloidal silver?

A: Yes, they are nano size. There are videos on Youtube that can see the size of the nano particulates.


Q: Colloidal Silver Color is yellow.

A: When it comes to colloidal solutions, the main parameters contributing to color change(plasmon) likely come down to particle type, size and density. Of which I’d add, the type parameter depends on whether one chooses to qualify ions as particles or not.

That said, out of all of the references, I’d consider the first paragraph to be the most complete under general guidelines. Whereas the other statements appear to support this by way of deductive chemistry. However, I’d also add that it may not always be feasible to apply observations from one generator to another given the inherent difference in process methods that exist between them. Which will undoubtedly affect the ionic to particulate balance for example. – NB. ions possess no tyndall or light scattering properties, in contrast to silver compounds etc.

Hope this helps.

PS. every parameter(voltage, temp, water, etc) will have an impacts on solution composition. ionic/particulate ratio, compound types, size, saturation limit and-so on and so-forth.

For more details, please check the link:


Q: Is it possible to use the generator, independent of the PC, to make colloidal silver based on JW’s settings?

A: The short answer is No for using the generator with JW’s complex waveform as this waveform is generated in the Spooky software. The generator can produce a number of simple waveforms using its front panel controls but not the complex ones.

For more details, please check the link:

Q: How to find the strength of colloidal silver? Can I use a TDS meter?  

A: It’s hard to find the strength of CS. People often use a TDS meter. However, colloidal silver is silver particles that are suspended in solution – only silver ions are dissolved. So TDS meters will only measure the ionic silver strength, not the colloidal strength.

For more details, please check the link:

Q: How do you know if your colloidal silver (made with spooky 2) is successful?

A: The only test I know of for CS (without sending it to a qualified lab for big bucks) is to shine a laser pointer through it and see the line pass through the liquid… The stronger the line, the stronger the silver content. Obviously, this test is not a quantifiable measurement of the content, just a visual representation of the particles within.
For more details, please check the link:

Q: How long will the colloidal silver be fresh after production?

A: Shelf life of about a year or more. Glass, preferably dark container would be recommended.

Q: My colloidal silver has a bitter taste when it hits the back of my throat (seems tasteless in my mouth). Someone states that true colloidal silver has NO taste, and if there is a metalic taste, then you have ionic silver.  

A: I’m not a fan of additives personally as this contributes to the addition of byproducts and where the same results can be achieved without them. Though I’d admit that this is purely a personal preference on my part and that I wouldn’t expect anyone to consider this to be anything more than that.

While there’s no denying the reliability of the chemical reduction process, I’d challenge the conclusion by subjecting the solution to a sodium chloride test to contrast with an HVAC microparticle silver solutions(aka true colloidal silver). ie, my observation is that the chemically reduced solutions will precipitate silver chloride in cases where the (so-called) true colloidal silver solutions do not. And so, my take this is to take it with a grain of salt.

I feel your pain. When I began my own journey with colloidal silver many years ago, I too sought to dig-in my heels to come to terms with the science behind the madness. Only to find that there was very little science to be had, and that the industry was governed by what looked like marketing and personal beliefs. And so, I decided to take matters into my own hands by conducting my own research. – and haven’t looked back since.

What you’re describing sounds like the effects of silver oxide in solution. To which I’d add, there’s no need to be alarmed as most of everything producing CS in the home generator market today is predominantly making silver oxides. Which incidentally, is the ionic component (silver compound) in those particular solutions.

Interesting thing about colloidal silver solutions is that most all of the silver compounds created in processing will possess antimicrobial properties. And so the issue won’t likely be as significant as striking a balance between particle size and density (ppm). And while there are process methods that can be used to optimize ones solution, the question as to whether or not these are worth pursuing comes up. And so the most common route taken in such cases, is to strike a balance between the ease of production and solution quality in terms of its effectiveness.

Question is, just how far down the rabbit hole are you willing to go.

For more details, please check the link:

Q: Can I drink colloidal silver and use killing program at the same time?

A: Yes, you can.

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  1. I note various Silver programs in the software, Are these attempting to achieve the same as drinking CS, or do they have some other effect ? It would seem that adding Silver to a program or preset chain aimed at dealing with infections would be sensible.

    Keith Williams
    1. Hi, could you take a photoshoot of these silver programs and send them to [email protected], so that our customer service can have a further check.

  2. Hi I have gone through the process that has been explained above. My jar was 900ml and the calculation showed the dwell multiplier should be 1400. It took 23 hours and 20 minutes. The laser does not shine through. Have I done something wrong or does it need a bit more time. Thanks

    Michal Horner
    1. Dear Michal, could you please describe your problem in the form of a picture or video to our email address: [email protected]? Our customer service will help you step by step to check and solve your problem. Thanks for your understanding and support.

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