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Let’s take a closer look at all the individual elements that go to make up this screen (left to right, top to bottom):

Advanced: shows/hides the Settings, Global, and Internet tabs. Also hides/ shows Biofeedback in the Control tab

Delete/Clear: clears the presently-selected preset, its Notes and programs, deselects the selected collection, and brings you back Home.

Preset Collections (Home): displays a list of factory collections that come with Spooky2, as well as your own User collection. These are all folders which reside in Spooky2’s Preset Collections directory.

Presets: selecting a collection displays its presets in the Presets Column. Selecting a preset in this column loads its settings and programs (if any).
This will also display the preset’s Notes (which are always editable).
You can click the Save button to save the selected preset into your User collection for editing later if you wish.

Programs: when a preset contains programs, it will display them in this central Programs Column.

You cannot delete programs in this column – only in the Programs tab.
Program names are in text format – this means you can select, copy, and paste them from here into any text editor.

Notes: in factory collections, preset Notes normally contain important information of one kind or another. The Spooky hardware required and the transmission mode is almost always specified here.

If any preset contains programs, as this one does, the Estimated Total Run Time will be displayed at the top of the column (highlighted red above).

If the preset is a Shell Preset, you’ll see this designation here instead of a run time. Shell Presets contain no programs – they are collections of settings into which you will load your own choice of programs.

When you start to build your own presets, you’ll be able to freely add your own information to Notes, or edit any existing information.

Don’t forget to save your edited preset when you’re done by clicking the Save button.

Source: Page96-97 of Spooky2_User’s_Guide_20161009

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