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Spooky2 Switzerland Conference 20191207 Leave a comment

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On December 7, 16 people gathered in Fribourg, Switzerland for a Spooky2 training session hosted by Pascal Falcy.

In this Spooky2 and Miramate training, participants exchanged ideas with each other, which enriched their knowledge and experience greatly.

This meeting introduced Dr. Royal Rife and his work, Rife Generators, Spooky2 generators, Spooky2 hardware, and MiraMate hardware. Pascal Falcy also taught Spooky2 users to install Spooky2 software, run the Terrain Protocol, do a Biofeedback scan, and etc..

The participants were very enthusiastic. They asked many questions, especially on Spooky2 Remote and Spooky2 Scalar which inspired everyone.

Switzerland conference

If you want to attend conferences in Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, and Belgium, welcome to our French Facebook group.

If you want to know more information, welcome to our English Facebook group.

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