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My spooky story started just over a year ago when I got my genX….it has been a journey with my learning curve. Since I don’t like being tethered to the machine….most of my rifing has been through remote…and as such, I have had results that have been more subtle… and all in all, I feel much healthier…(I know that is subjective)… I have been through terrain several times, the morgellon & lyme protocol, many biofeedbacks, and a lot of presets and programs…My genX and remote is running pretty much 24/7.. I especially love running the solfeggio frequencies…it definitely enhances my mood. And song of the spine, my back feels way better. I also was able to decrease allergy symptoms significantly with remote programs.

I got the Miramate Ray Gun about 8 months ago….it was amazing for clearing a case of what was probably scabies… I kept zapping the very itchy red bumps…along with that I was running scabies programs on the genX. The Ray Gun is a wonderful tool to have in your box of healing tools.

So things changed dramatically when I got the scalar…..the things I noticed were more pronounced, instead of being subtle… I have been sleeping in the scalar field for just over 4 months now…and I have a definite increase in energy…I sleep much more deeply and even have crazy dreams. Eczema that I had on the back on my hands cleared completely within the first 2 months. I didn’t clear up the eczema with just using rife frequencies.…I haven’t even hooked up the genX to the scalar yet. I have just been putting molecular weight substances on the receiver coil..mostly nutritional supplements and herbs. My hair and nails are growing very fast. Another subjective observation is that my skin is more supple… I’m thinking that the collagen in my skin is being enhanced. Another amazing thing is my husband has had this seborrheic keratosis lesion on his torso. It is decreasing in size, not gone yet, but is almost halfway gone. Along with the increased energy, my mood and my husband’s is definitely much better, over and above running frequencies on the genX.. My mental energy just doesn’t feel heavy anymore.

So having to stay home a lot during the pandemic, I didn’t exercise much….I went back to the gym about a month ago…going 4 to 5 times per week.. And as sore as I get every evening from exercising, the next morning the soreness is gone and I am full of energy and ready to go back to the gym. Another win for scalar. Then we added the Big Magic a few weeks ago. This has helped tremendously decrease the soreness before I go to bed.

I definitely want to shout out the wonderful Spooky2 support team for their dedication to helping us. The few times I contacted them, they responded quickly and assisted me. I had an issue where the lights on the remote stopped working. So after contacting them, and trying a few things, they sent me a new mainboard with a link to a youtube video on how to install, which by the way was pretty easy even for me, a sort of non-tech person. Except that I must say that the screws are very tiny and I had to use a magnifying glass. And I want to say thank you to all the administrators on the Spooky2 Rife for Life, Miramate, and Scalar facebook groups. You are always right there with answers to our inquiring minds. And I appreciate ALL the youtube videos and live webinars that are available for our further education.

For all of us that have this amazing arsenal of healing tools…we are blessed.


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