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Hello there,
My dog a 5 year old Maltese-Shitzu suddenly became very ill. He was lethargic, didn’t want go for a walk (which is very unlike him). He stopped that eating and then began vomiting blood all in the same day. I can can only express how extremely worried I was for him.
I was able to get a little of his saliva and pop it in the sample digitiser and ran a ‘Hunt & Kill’ but I needed to know what was going on straight away, so I placed the Spooky2 pads on his abdomen (I shaved a bit of hair of first) and ran a BFB Fast scan on the GX and then remotely ran the results.
He wouldn’t eat that night (I kept monitoring him, making sure he was hydrated) but woke up the next morning with an incredible appetite and he had so much energy, we walked around the block in record time.
His stools that day were black, indication that he had, had internal bleeding and from what i gather from a poison of some sort.
I kept the 2 scans going for 3 days and his bowel movements were normal after 24 hours.
I am so grateful for Spooky2 for saving my fur baby.

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