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– [ ] On December 2018, I went to spend time with Bruna, an 87 year old woman living in a small apartment alone. The evening after Christmas she fell and although she did not break any bones, her lower back hurt really bad. She had trouble laying in bed, standing up, sitting, she could hardly walk. Every morning, as I was helping her to stand up from bed, she asked me for pain killers which she took 4 times a day. Without telling her, I decided to use the Spooky XM on the Arnica setting to see if it could help in her recovery. To get her nails for the remote, I told her that she was scratching my arms every time I helped her. I put the nails in the remote, and set the Arnica program as she went to bed. The next morning, as I opened my eyes, she was standing next to my sofa bed in the living room. That morning, she did not wait for me to help her out of her bed and walk together to the living room. Also, she did not ask right away for pain killers. I did not tell her anything about using the Spooky on her. In the evening, I put the Arnica program on her again. The next morning, as I woke up, I saw her sitting in an armchair across my bed. She told me, to my surprise, that she wanted to go out by herself to buy meat. I laughed. I knew she could not do that even with my help, but I appreciated her new state of mind. To me it was the clear beginning of her recovery. A final detail to this story. The next day, I met Bruna’s doctor, Violana, a good friend of mine, in a parking lot. I told her this story in all its details. She was impressed but looked a bit skeptical. It was too hard to believe that two treatments with the Spooky would help an old lady so much.

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