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Years of problems helped by Spooky2 Leave a comment

I had learned about Rife technology about 15 years ago while living in California by a scientist who explained how it worked and showed me her machine which she said she had paid about $10,000 dollars for. I was not able to afford that so I put it out of my mind. Earlier this year I found out about Spooky2 and started to look into getting a machine for myself. I was experiencing many health problems including strange pains that seemed to move around, autoimmune problems, inability to concentrate, gastrointestinal issues, severe headaches, gluten sensitivity, leaky gut, stiffness in my right lung area, a constant tickle in my throat, gallbladder and liver problems, sleeping issues, and degenerative bone in my upper jaw. I purchased the Spooky Generator X and a Scalar set.
I learned to use it by watching the videos and downloaded the software onto a computer dedicated to only using Spooky2. I ran the biofeedback every 5 days and then would run whichever frequencies it suggested. Sometimes I would put the tens pads in the waist area, the hip area or the shoulder area to get different readings. I also took binders such as charcoal and zeolite because I knew I had metals and metal allergies. I have been improving and now have no headaches, sleep much better, have stopped having degeneration in my gums, healed an infection in my reproductive organs, my gallbladder and liver function is better, the stiffness in my lung and back have subsided and I have been able to have more successful adjustments at the chiropractor because my neck and back areas are loosened up, and I have not had any throat issues. This is particularly good because I am a singer and it was causing me sever problems with singing previously.
I am so grateful for the people at Spooky2 who have created this affordable and effective technology which has saved me so much pain and discomfort. I have also been able to create programs to help with weight loss, creativity, bone building and better concentration. Very remarkable technology, I hope everyone who needs this can get a machine to help them. The Scalar has completely enhanced my sleep and excelerated my healing process.

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