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Happy end for mother and daughter Leave a comment

3 years ago a couple came to me for their 7 years old daughter who had a brain tumor. I worked with her with 2 session of plasma tube during a week. 3 months later, the mother called me because the girl was out of white cells before receiving her chemo. o i tell her to send me some nails and hair and i started working on her with my spooky remotes to help white cells come back.
During 3 months the mother asked me 5 or 6 times to do that (before each chemo).
6 months ao i had a call from the mother and i asked her how was the girl. She said to me that the girl was perfectly ok and happy in her life, but she also said to me that it was her turn to have a cancer…………..breast tgis time. Then we started seveal sessions with my spooky phanotron tube and spooky scalar to help.
She continued to go to the hospital for her cancer but the last analysis (2 weeks ao) shoes that it was gone and that she was happy.
What a happy end for a family.
Sorry for y bad english !!

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