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I want to share with you my first big success I had this summer.

I have a good friend, who 2 years ago had a bad leg bone fracture.
After many months of rest waiting for the possibility to walk again and after almost 1 year of hard rehabilitation protocol, last April she started to feel big big pain to all the leg and at the same time sort of electric shock and tingling.

She couldn’t sit neither laying.
So for her it was impossible to sleep.
She started to visit many different doctors, mainly neurological specialists, orthopaedic doctors, physiotherapists, and many others.

She did al the possible tests, from magnetic resonance to neurological tests for the nervous system.
But there was nothing wrong, apart all the symptoms.
The pain remains the same for many months and she was becoming crazy.
You can image not sleeping for months.

No drugs was able to stop the symptoms.

Doctors was thinking that the problem could be her!

I suggested her to try some treatments with Spooky2 and she obviously accepted.

I did a biofeedback with scan and baseline with electrodes.
One in the ending part of the back and one on her foot.

Just after I treated her with the biofeedback result, using killing treatment with electrodes placed in the same areas where they were.

Then for 1 day I treated her with the same biofeedback result with remote.

After 3 days from her first treatment she stopped to feel any symptoms.
No symptoms anymore!

She was absolutely incredulous for the result.

She spent so much time and money before and she paid so much dolors in the previous period that our only 2 sentences were:




Happy to share with you this experience that shows us the big difference between the normal medical diagnosis systems and a bioresonance system like Spooky2.

When a doctor think that you are the problem, that you are crazy….don’t believe it and try Spooky2 biofeedback!!!!

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