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My journey began when I came down with a simple case of sciatica while serving my country. The next thing I knew is after an x-ray I was wisked into a major surgery which significantly changed my active life and ended my career. Putting my trust in doctors and our medical system I continued to spiral down into more medical problems than I can count with depression following close behind. My world closed in on me. With no hope of getting better I prayed continually. God had mercy on me and led me to a different way of thinking, Spooky. Like peeling an onion I now have the capability to erase the many diseases and ailments I have acquired with this situation. I now have a new hope to eventually return to a life I can live and maybe even enjoy myself again. The darkness turns brighter every day and I am very grateful for Spooky and the technology they offer. I was very surprised our doctors and medical system were so closed minded and dangerous. I’m hoping to keep adding to my meager system. I love Spooky!

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