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You want to forget the bad memories as soon as possible and follow your quiet path in life. But we still have to pass them on as life experiences and so we can help others.
This is my life experience:

A year ago I faced major health problems. I had a diabetic coma with hyperglycemia of 600 mg / dl. I lost 10 kg in 2 months, my general condition was very bad, dizziness, vomiting, inability to speak, articulate words, unbearable pain, the diagnosis was totally unfavorable – diabetic neuropathy. I’ve never abuse food, I did not smoke, did not drink alcohol or coffee. Suddenly my life collapsed, I could not sleep even though I was drowsy, due to unbearable pain, on any side I sat I felt I was losing consciousness of pain. We made several tests and all came out negative. I realized after a CT scan that everything happened due to food poisoning. I guess from a juice drunk with friends. Since then I have had weakness throughout the body, with memory loss, vomiting and unbearable pain (especially the legs and spine), I could not bear the slightest touch. I kept a very strict diet but without any improvement. I had to do something to detoxify my body. So I bought a Spooky2 device with colloidal silver accessories. Since I could no longer carry out any activity, I used the Spooky device programmed on the biofeedbeack therapy almost all day and all night and consumed 50 ml of water with colloidal silver every 4 hours. Progress was small at first, but it was a stagnant state of the disease. After a week I could speak normally, without effort, I could articulate the words and after two months the pain was completely gone, my voice became puffy again, I could shout, without any pain. After 6 months of treatment I returned to normal body weight. Now I feel perfect, without pain, everything has remained just a memory that I never want to relive. When friends hurt you, turn to Spooky2, he is the most faithful and intelligent friend.

Thanks a lot Spooky!


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