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I have only had my Spooky2 GenX since July 2020. I have learned a lot with the help of videos and online support and started with the Terrain detox as recommended. Since then I have done several biofeedbacks on myself and friends as well as trying several frequencies for other issues. The one thing I had instant success with was when I had a runny nose all night long and went through almost a box of kleenex. The first thing I did in the morning was to use the cold laser twin in my nostrils. I was totally amazed, my nose stopped the constant drip. I did still had to blow my nose a few times throughout the day, so I ran it again in the early evening and slept the whole night without having to blow my nose. The next day I was completely clear. If it happens again, I will run the program right away.
I love my GenX and have purchased a couple more generators, saving to buy the Scalar next. Thank you Spooky2!

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