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I heard about energy healing from a friend that sold for a different company. But the more I researched them more I was impressed with Spooky2 and the Rife technology so I purchase my first kit GenX starter kit. Shortly after receiving the kit I had an accident being hit in the face with debris traveling in a wind gust estimated at 65 miles an hour. The incident gouged both my eyes. By the time I could get medical treatment my right I was so severely infected I would have died. I was immediately put on multiple antibiotics and was expected to lose my eye. I healed and retained the eye but was completely blind. In the weeks that followed I retain some shapes from the grey that was my sight. I was told this was as good as it would get. I found several eyesight and healing protocols and started running my Spooky2 24/7. My next checkup saw much improvement. I could recognize shapes and some details. The doctor was amazed. Fast forward a few months and I can not only see they eye chart but can read several lines down. My doctor is floored saying with the amount of scaring he never thought I would see again. Today my sight is better than before the accident. I have to remove my glasses to read. Spooky2 is the best investment I ever made. My health continues to improve in all aspects.
Regards Susan

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