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Hi Support, thanks for all that you do!

here’s my story of sharing:

I’m just 2 weeks into my journey in using my 1st GenX and I’ve just ordered another XM before the anniversary offers ends 🙂

So Terrain is wonderful – I’m feeling the energy runs through the meridians along my spine 2 mins into it! As first I was sceptical on how a fingernail can send messages to my body, and now I’m convinced.

Which I suddenly understand why the ancient Chinese said in Feng Shui, the grave of your anchesters could affect the wellbeing of the offspring – probably something to do with the shared DNA thing.

I would love to share how I found Spooky2. So after a colonoscopy a tumor was found in my 72-year old Pa ‘s rectum area late Feb. We were devastated. I’m a trained Tibetan Singing Bowl Practitioner so my first research is to find “healing frequencies”, and then I watched the infamous TED talk of Anthony Holland.

In the comment section of this or other videos someone wrote about “Rife frequency” is what helped they recover from cancer. So as soon as I google it, the Google paid ads campaign of Spooky2 is really effective that since the ad keeps retargeting me on whatever blogs I read during my research, I can’t help but keep coming back to the spooky2 website and dig deep on what spooky2 has to offer:)

I was still very concerned about the cost and which model should I get in March, and a little voice inside me asked me to wait and see if there will be Easter offers. My intuition wouldn’t lie to me 🙂 I’m so grateful to be able to acquire this miraculous machine, one at a time.

I’d definitely save up to get a scalar to help my Pa recover soonest after allt he medical procedures, and meanwhile I’ll climb the learning curve soonest to educate myself all that this machine can benefit us.

The love and generous support of the Facebook community is superb – not something you can easily find elsewhere. Thank you for all that you do!

SH Lam, Hong Kong

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