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What is original rife machine’s frequency range? Leave a comment

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There are no original Rife frequencies over 4MHz. Approximate ranges are:

Moulds and mycotoxins 75–215KHz
Bacteria and most viruses 275–450KHz
Protozoa, roundworm, and flatworm 325– 480KHz
Warts 400–475KHz; tapeworms 425–515KHz
Mites 675-880KHz

There are only a very few viruses – mostly flu – which exist up around the 3KHz-plus range.

Note that this is very helpful information when you follow the Golden Rule of rifing.

Our new research on converting light wavelengths to frequencies is now yielding excellent results. The most powerful subharmonics of such frequencies are very high, but can be transposed down below to 8MHz for use in the UDB1108S.

The Spooky2-XM generators can use the revolutionary new software algorithms built into Spooky2 to boost the top limit to at least 25MHz without loss of amplitude or waveform distortion.

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