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What Kind of Laptop/Computer Do You Need to Run Spooky2 37

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If you want to experience the advanced Spooky2 rife system more effectively, a PC or a laptop is necessary. This article will show you in detail on how to choose a suitable computer to run Spooky2 software.

What Computer Should You Choose?

The hardware requirement to run Spooky2 is very minimal. Any machine that can run the operating system can run Spooky2.

Of course, the more powerful the machine, the faster it can process the growing database when performing searches. Otherwise, the main limiting aspect to performance is the quality of the USB bus that the machine is built with.

Another consideration is the actual screen size/resolution. The bigger the screen, and the denser the resolution, the easier it will be to work with the software.

The only other thing you will need to consider is how many USB ports are on the machine. You will require a minimum of 2 for use with Spooky2.

One USB port will be used to drive a powered USB hub which will allow you to run as many generators as the hub has ports. Note you can daisy chain hubs 7 layers deep, and hubs come in many sizes ranging from simple 2 port hubs to monster 28 port hubs.

If you do not use a hub, you can only run one generator per USB port on the computer.

The second USB port is used to run the Spooky Pulse for biofeedback scans. This device should not be run through a USB hub and thus will require a dedicated USB port.

Other than that, that is all you will need.

If you have 4 generators and the Spooky2 central, a computer with at least 2 USB ports and a powered USB hub that has 4 ports will do you well.

Which System Do You Need?

The Spooky2 software requirement is a Windows System.
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10 can be used for Spooky2.

The main advantage of using Win 7 over Win 10 is that you can keep control of Win 7 much easier. However, both will run Spooky2 just fine.

The main drawback to Win 10 is that it will perform updates if allowed on the internet at least once a month, which will result in an interruption to your running programs. While with Win 7, you could postpone updates until you wish to run them. Win 10 does not give you the option to postpone unless you have a Pro level copy. The standard home edition will force the updates with very little control when it happens.

Authored by Jeff Kaczor

Can You Use Mac?

In theory, yes, you can by using BootCamp to create a Windows partition or purchasing virtualization software.

In practice, however, we’ve found that the more layers of abstraction you add to any system, the more likely it is that problems will arise. And unless you’re a seasoned Mac and Windows troubleshooter, you may find that tracking causes and finding solutions is more trouble than it’s worth.

We recommend that you buy a cheap Windows notebook or used desktop model, and dedicate it to running your Spooky2 system.

However, if you wish to try the Mac route, please download the document “Spooky2 in Linux or Mac” from here:

What computer system you use for running Spooky2? How do you feel? Comment below and share your experience with us.

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  1. the machine that can run the operating system can run Spooky2. Of course, the more powerful the machine, the faster it can process the growing database when performing searches

  2. Are there plans to develop s/w that will allow the Spooky2 to run on Apple computers?

  3. NOTE THIS !

    If you are using an older laptop, cica 2000, then it will have USB2 type ports. If you then purchase a USB hub, make sure it is NOT a USB3 type or higher. Otherwise, the number of generators displayed on the computer will vary from one, perhaps two and very occasionally three if the USB hub is not matched. The USB hub supplied by Spooky2 is of the USB3 type and totally unsuitable for the USB2 machines.

    Mr Jeff Kaczor’s suggestion that Windows 7 is preferable to Windows 10 is definitely a good idea for the reasons given. Alternatively, permanently disconnect your Windows 10 computer from the internet and use another computer to download the SPOOKY2 updates onto the computer running the Spooky2 programme via a memory stick. However, the luxury of running a designated computer just for Spooky2 trials/programmes, might not be possible for everyone’s purse

    Does anyone know if Spooky2 have any plans for an Android OS tablet ?


    1. Dear Friend, There is no such plan for the moment. Thank you for your suggestions. I will reflect your suggestions to relevant departments. We will continue to improve.

      1. Please what size HDD/SSD is needed.
        I understand the need for a number of USB2 including a USB2 hub if a larger system is used. And you mention Power which is Processor and Ram, but capacity I’m struggling to find.

        Christopher Smith
        1. Hi, feel free to contact our customer service at [email protected], our support team will give you much more professional detailed information ASAP:)

    2. I am so confused… based on internet pics my brand new USB cables supplied by spooky appear to be USB 2 as they are white and not blue . Am I correct in my understanding? If so why was outdated hoods being supplied with new kit

      1. Hi, please feel free to send this question to [email protected], with the photos of your USB cables, our support team will help you further check and give you a better reply:)

  4. There is and to use Spooky2-XM on Windows 10 I would have to disable the updates because I have Windows 10 Pro, or install Windows 7, that’s it!


    Antonio Guaracy Guimarães
  5. I too would be grateful if you would create a version for the Mac OS or even for the iOS? Many thanks for considering this request.

    Julia Tortolani
    1. Thank you for your advice and we will report your suggestion to our technical team.

  6. Vote for Mac OS support

    1. Hi, so sorry to bring you this trouble, and we are working on this.

  7. New laptops I’ve looked at have Windows 11. Is that OK to run Spooky2?

    1. Spooky2 software can be run on all recent versions of Windows.

  8. I’m a Mac user for at least 18 yrs and now suddenly I have to dive into the world of windows and I really hate to do that. I had to buy a cheap Asus 14″ laptop for Spooky2 GenX essential kit. A couple questions. Do i have to register with Microsoft ? Asus has Windows pre-installed, Home edition S. If Windows is installed, why the moment i open the laptop microsoft asks me register ?
    Can I download the software on my Mac, transfer the file to USB stick and then move it to laptop?

    1. If not registering does not affect your normal use, you do not need to register. For you want to copy the software on Mac with a USB flash drive, you can have a try, we have not practiced it before.

    2. Does it run on windows 11 please?

      1. Hi, our Spooky2 software operates well on Windows 11. No worries:)

  9. Hi
    I too am an Apple iOS user and, as suggested I bought a 2nd had Dell Latitude laptop. Even though I’ve disabled updates, prevent the machine from sleeping and everything I could think of, when I get up in the morning I find that the PC has shutdown…this is so frustrating…! Any ideas? Thank you

    1. Is it because the computer’s battery is no power? And please have a check with your computer’s setting:

  10. YouTube will the spooky to program run on Windows 11?

    David Ventimiglia
    1. Hi, David. Please do not worry about it. Our software works weel with Windows, including Windows 11:)

  11. Please make this available for us MacOS users. I can’t afford both a Spooky 2 AND another laptop. :-(. thanks

    1. Hi, we have reported this requirement to our enginner, and they are working on this! Really thanks for your kind advice:) And you do not need to buy an ultra-high-performance computer, as long as it can support basic operations. Sometimes, our Spooky2 users will choose a second-hand computer after some consideration.

      1. Glad to know that your engineers are working on getting up a Mac version. Do you have a release date for it? I hate having to buy a Windows machine just so that I can use Spooky2, knowing that a virtual setup on my Mac is inefficient. This is an unnecessary cost and is so impractical. Windows machines are not the safest and I would hate having to maintain one. Please advise. Thank you.

        1. Hi, sorry our engineer team is still working on it and does not have a release date now. If possible, you can pick up a pre-owned Windows PC and dedicate it to Spooky2. 2G memory is enough for working well. These can usually be bought for a very modest price. Since many of you will wish to try experiments with long run times, this may be a good idea anyway.

  12. I gave up Windows and Mac years ago and only run LInux e.g. Ubuntu. Please consider developing a program for open free software instead of expensive buggy mainstream Windows

    1. Hi, so sorry to bring you this trouble. We have reported this issue to our engineers, and they will make some improvements in the near future:) Really thanks for your advice!🥰

  13. I cant run two generators at the same time with my brandnew laptop, when I start a program on G1 it pauses after some seconds…what can I do?

    1. Hi, we need some photos of your software and setups to better know what’s wrong with it. So please feel free to send your questions, better with some screenshots of your software, our support team will help you have a further check and help you ASAP:)

  14. My concern with a laptop is keeping it plugged in 24/7 as my wife’s battery almost blew from that.

    Also the possible overheating from running multiple units

    Michael Stelmasek
    1. Hi, no worries about this. So far, no one has reported this issue with their computer:)

    2. my laptop is plugged in 24/7 for years now never had an issue. Like anything it could be a bad battery ready to go especially if its a few years old. Use a surge protector to stopp surges of outside power spikes from coming into the room/outlet your computor is plugged into . If your running it all night say add a timer to keep the battery at 100% then the power shuts off 4 5 or 6 hours later and runs on battery power for a few hours when you wake up plug it back in or turn the timer to steady on position if that will make you feel safer or get a new original manufacturer battery.

  15. Hi, my new laptop will arrive tomorrow and it has only 1 USB port. Unfortunately I didn’t know about this blog topic before and ordered with other requirements that received and aslo saw on facebook group (Windows 11, Intel, no S mode, 8GB). I recently purchaged GenX Pro kit, didn’t unpack it yet as I’m waiting for a new laptop that will be dedicated for Spooky use.

    Question… – will it work with 1 USB port? Do I need to buy an extension with more ports? Or better to send that computer back and buy another one with more USB ports?


    1. Hi, no worries. You can buy a USB hub to run multiple generators.

      1. > The second USB port is used to run the Spooky Pulse for biofeedback scans. This device should not be run through a USB hub and thus will require a dedicated USB port.

        According to this information, Emily needs a new computer to run treatment and scanning at the same time. But I guess you don’t need to scan that often, so a workable solution can be to disconnect the USB hub for every scan and then just plug one of the generators directly into the USB port.

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