Why Two Rife Machines Are Better Than One? 7

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This theory only applies when the rife machine includes remote mode. When you run contact or plasma, the 2 signals interfere with each other. But you can run more than one remote at the same time, or you can run remote together with contact or plasma.

So why running two at the same time – Healing & Rejuvenation.

There is a specific purpose behind running two Rife (machine) generators at once. One Rife generator is running various detoxification frequency sets, while the other Rife machine generator is running broad range spectrum Rife frequency sweeps. The concept or strategy is that, assuming the Rife frequency sweeps do in fact disable, destroy, kill or immobilize microbes, pathogens, bacteria and viruses, the result would be toxic debris from the destroyed microbes, pathogens, bacteria and viruses. The frequency sets to detoxify the lymph system, liver and kidneys are an attempt to address the potential detoxification issue. The potential of the technology is phenomenal.

To learn how to setup multiple generators, please check here. To understand the golden rule of rifing, pls check here. To understand more about why multiple generators are needed for certain diseases, and what is each generator used for, please read here.

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  1. I believe this would be in the case of the old generator not GX, since with this one, you can run the program in G1 and the detox program in G2 lets say as an example…?

    Priscilla Rolley
    1. Yes, you’re right. You can run the program in G1 and the detox program in G2 which is more convenient. But there are also some restrictions of modes to run at the same time such as: You cannot run two contact mode at the same time because electricity will affect each other; two Plasma will killing too much. Be careful when use.

      1. With the GX Can you run detox on remote with 1 while running killing on contact with 2?
        What do you suggest for best treatments?

        Racquel swedlund
  2. So can you please clarify…. I have a GenX generator and had been using one generator port to the Spooky Central with the phanotron tube, internal probe, PEMF and ultrasound all at once and the second generator port with another contact mode using the ankle bands. Both generators are running kill programs for cancer. I also have 12 other XM generators all on remotes running support and detox programs. Do you still recommend NOT running 2 contact programs with GenX?

    1. Hi, please do not use 2 contacts at the same time. It will damage the machines.

      1. Does this also apply to the XM generator as well?

        1. Yes, the current will take the shortest route, so burns and short circuits can occur.

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