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Finding the Right Frequencies 4

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The right frequencies can work miracles. The big problem is that most people are using the wrong frequencies. And the result can only end in failure.

In the beginning, there were no known frequencies. Every one had to be found, slowly and painstakingly, by trial and error. Over the years, large databases have been built up by dedicated people, and these have improved things somewhat.

But results are still mediocre. Errors in the databases, unrecognized organism mutations, incorrect diagnoses, and failure by researchers to record the method of application or other important details are usually to blame.

But there now exists a way to find the right frequencies for every subject, every time, in every situation. It’s called biofeedback, and it’s built into a handful of frequency machines.

For a price that will take your breath away.

But, thankfully, biofeedback is no longer only for the comfortable classes. Because now there’s Spooky Pulse and Spooky2 GeneratorX biofeedback scan.

What makes biofeedback so useful is this: labs make mistakes, but the body never lies – because it doesn’t know how to.

To learn more details about how biofeedback works, please read here.

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  1. Super

    1. Thank you for your support!

  2. I’m new to Spooky2, ive done the terrain and just done the biofeedback scan. I saved my results and downloaded them to run but I decided to add more into the program all healing frequencies to run at the same time as the bfb scan results. I ran it on GenX remote and I it’s running ok. Is this ok to do or should I not have added extra frequencies? Thank you

    1. Hi, of course you can do this! No worries:) But note that bfb scan results should be run in Killing, so if you want to run some healing programs at the same time. You should put these healing programs into one another preset and then run it on the other generator port.

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