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Spooky2 Grey Hair Guide: What, Why & How to Reverse 25

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No matter the first strand of grey hair appears in your 20s when you’re in blooming season, or you are surprised to see the “silver trouble silk” arriving in your 30s-40s, you can’t help but lament the rush of time and the nature of time.

In fact, the sprouts of grey hair are not only an indication of people’s age, but they can also signal a health problem.

Don’t underestimate grey hair: it’s a sign of trouble!

Facts About Gray Hair

  • Gray hair may be a vitamin deficiency

Our hair contains melanin, and the more melanin we have, the darker our hair becomes. As we age, the hair follicles produce less melanin and more gray hair. Dermatologists often have a code of “50-50-50″: 50% of 50-year-old have at least half gray hair.

However, there are still many people who have gray hair early. How early is too early? Typically, Caucasians begin to develop gray hair around age 35, Asians in their 30s and 40s, and African Americans around 45, which is considered early until then.

In addition to uneven nutritional intake, deficiencies of vitamin B12, vitamin D3, serum calcium, or serum ferritin can also lead to early gray hair. In addition, there may be problems with the pituitary or thyroid gland.

  • Hair follicles damaged by oxidative stress

For decades, hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide) was often used for bleaching or coloring because it was cheap and easy to obtain. And once the hydrogen peroxide builds up too much, the hair turns white. Often, this condition can be improved with treatments such as PC-KUS (a pseudo-peroxidase enzyme that can be activated by UVB) solution. This treatment is also indicated for skin lesions, such as vitiligo.

  • You now (or used to) smoke.

Smokers are 2.5 times more likely to develop gray hair prematurely than non-smokers. Smoking also further damages the hair and some of the chemicals it contains can cause baldness.

  • Genes determine when you have gray hair.

It used to be known that if your parents or grandparents had early gray hair, the chances of you having gray hair early were high. A related study in 2016, however, confirmed that genes cause graying hair. This includes the IRF4 gene, which was previously thought to be responsible for the lighter hair color in Europe but has now been found to be linked to graying hair.

How to Prevent White Hair?

  • Quit Smoking

Smokers can have a greater chance of pigment loss when compared to non-smokers.

  • Turn to Antioxidants

Incorporate a lot of antioxidant-rich foods into your diet. These prevent oxidative stress and grey hair.

  • Protect Your Hair from The Sun

The harmful UV rays from the sun can cause oxidative stress in the body and premature greying of hair. Protect your hair with a hat or scarf while you are outdoors.

  • Avoid Stress

Practice meditation and yoga to keep your mind free of daily stress.

Reverse Premature Grey Hair Using Spooky2

Our user shared the experience of improving hair condition using Spooky2.


Now, let’s see how this user did it!

Hardware part:

Software part:

Open your Spooky2 software.

Choose Shell (Empty) Presets > Remote > Healing (R) – JW

Then, go to the Programs tab.

Search for the program that is mentioned in the testimonial: DNA repair. Also, Hair conditions is another program that can be helpful in reversing grey hair.

Double click to load these programs, and they will be shown on the “Loaded Programs” box.

To save the loaded programs into one custom program so that you don’t have to search and select these two programs again, click the “Save” icon beside the box.

A window will pop up to help save your custom program.

Give your custom program a name, e.g., Reverse Grey Hair, and save it.

Once you saved your custom program, you may now find it under the Programs tab by searching the name. In this case, I will search “Reverse Grey Hair”, and the program will actually contain all the frequency in the DNA Repair program and Hair conditions program.

Double click to load your program, and go to the Control tab.

Hit start and wait for the regrowth of your original hair color.

0404 Return Grey Hair to Natural Colour on DH Experimental Frequencies is also recommended. Search 0404 under the Presets tab to load this particular preset.


If hair loss problem is troubling you, please read this blog:
How to Help Hair Loss

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  1. First off I want to thank you for sending a little info at a time for us beginners.
    There is so much to explore…
    Have you guys incorporated these running programs to pause and stop. if we run Bio Feed back on other generators.
    I have my generator X and XM generator running Terrain. But when I run Bio Feed back on the other side of Generator X I realize the xm and the X generators both pause or stop while running Bio feed back.
    It happened twice.
    Health is everything, thanks for being there for all of us.

    Warm Regards Tom

    1. Hi tom ansell.Please stop all other treatments when you want to run the biofeedback scan
      We also invite you to join our group and forum to exchange ideas with our users there:
      Spooky2 Forum: http://www.spooky2.com/forums/
      Spooky2 Group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2/

    2. I noticed that too. But then I saw under the settings tab, a box ticked for pause programs during biofeedback. You can tick or unpick. I left mine ticked as that was the default. Maybe it is for a reason, so I left it. A half hour or so pause for a scan doesn’t worry me.

      Maybe if doing more scans I will unpick box and see what happens.

  2. Did the user run the 1/2 hour program on remote, contact, plasma???? Each very different.

  3. Really appreciate the suggestions for restoring youthful hair and helping us set expectations as to how long it may take to see results.

    Are there similar frequencies that have proven to work to wake up the hair follicles and get them to start growing again? So far nothing I’ve tried seems to work. The “baby” hairs are clearly there, so the follicles are not dead, just dormant.

    Many thanks!

    1. Thanks for your support, and we recommend you can share more ideas in our facebook group:
      You can also contact us or exchange ideas with our real users in our forum and group:
      Spooky2 Forum: http://www.spooky2.com/forums/
      Spooky2 Group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2/
      There are more than 15,000 users in both the group and forum.

  4. Should the DNA and Hair Diseases presets be added to a healing shell preset?

    1. Yes, we recommend you can add DNA and Hair Diseases presets into healing shell preset.

  5. Forgot to mention a very pertinent mineral – Copper. Often zinc is taken without it’s co-factor, Copper, setting up an imbalance. The ratio is brought 14:1 but important. Research foods high in copper to bring balance

  6. I don’t see in Preset/Miscellaneous the “DH experimental” preset…

    1. Hi, Amelie. When you updated Spooky, it was necessary for you to tick the DH Experimental Frequencies check box, to install these frequencies. If you reinstall Spooky, you can install these presets. It is an optional component during an installation.

      1. Thanks for this. I just reinstalled and wasn’t prompted to check any boxes, so I still can’t access the experimental frequencies. Where/ how do we check?


        1. Hi, please contact our customer service [email protected], they will reply to you ASAP:)

  7. I click on the bottun with the green arrow, but no ‘create program’ field opens, nothing appears.
    What can be the solution?

    1. Hi, please send some screenshots or videos to [email protected], so that our support team can give you better help:)

  8. How do you get the DH experimental frequencies ?

    1. When you updated Spooky, it was necessary for you to tick the DH Experimental Frequencies check box, to install these frequencies. If you reinstall Spooky, you can install these presets. It is an optional component during an installation.

  9. Can anyone help? I can find only Hair Disease 30 mins in Programs. Cannot see Hair Diseases ( Use Dr. Rife… ). Appreciate anyone could help.

    1. Dear Stella, I searched in the software and found that I could search for the program. You can update your version to the latest and then search under the Program tab. Here is the download page: https://www.cancerclinic.co.nz/downloads.html. If you still can’t search it, you can describe your problem in detail with screenshot or video to our email: [email protected]. Our customer service staff will help you to solve your problem. Thanks for your understamding and support! 🙂

  10. I have been doing a lot of research on rife technology, and it has led me here. I still don’t have the machine YET, I wanted to try listening to the frequency for turning grey hair on the website. My question is, does listen to the audio helps?? Or do I need the machine to see difference??
    Thank you for your feedback!!

    1. Dear friend, Rife machines will be more comprehensive compared to audio frequencies.nder our youtube videos related to the audio frequency are the most honest reviews from many users, you also have the option to try listening to the audio first to see if it works for you, and we recommend that you drink plenty of water while listening to the audio frequencies to help detoxify your body. Any questions, feel free to contcat us via email: [email protected].

    2. This is interesting. You might want to view this video:

      Wow! Human Cells Vibrate With Resonant Frequency and It’s Technically Audible

      Kelly Charpenet
  11. Can it help for thining and loss of hair?

    1. Dear sabrina, I’ve searched our software for you and there are relevant programs for what you’re talking about, so you can try to use the one related to your problem to see which one works best for you. And we also have some great reviews about these questions of yours from our real users: https://www.spooky2reviews.com/?s=hair+loss. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us: [email protected].

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