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What I have used.
Remote, Contact, GX,
Plasma with Coil, Contact, Ulrrasonic

I usually have been enjoyed experiencing a lot of frequencies by remote,
But this month, Spooky2 saved me from an ultimate danger to my brain nerves, so I would like to write a little about my experience.

When I took a bedrock bath on the 11th of this month, a considerable amount of sweat flowed from my head, probably due to the fact that I was lying face down with my chin on the bedrock. Afterwards, I took a break drinking sparkling water and a couple of glasses of sparkling wine, and then went into the hot spring lightly. Right after I got out of the hot spring, I had a nightmare. Suddenly, I felt like I was suffering from cerebral anemia. I was very surprised at what happened, because I was in good health and had no abnormalities in my body or mind until then.

As I am a healing practitioner, I diagnosed myself through physiological sessions, and found that I had cerebral anemia and lack of glycose, but the intracranial pressure continued to affect my eyes, and I had difficulty opening my eyelids in the morning, which caused cerebral anemia and a sudden drop in blood pressure. The nerve shock at that time may have disturbed the autonomic nervous system, affecting the oculomotor nerve, optic nerve, and blood vessels, causing aneurysms and varicose veins at the same time. I also had orthostatic hypotension, which meant I couldn’t sit in a chair and couldn’t look at the Internet or e-mail because of the damage to my ocular nerves. For a while, my intracranial fluid was pressing so hard inside my skull around my optic nerve that I didn’t feel like living in case my eyeball popped out.

During the first week of my symptoms, I went through 11 remote programs to put in possible frequencies. During that time, I analyzed my symptoms and put in the possible frequencies. I did a body scan that weekend, but since I was doing it remotely, I didn’t understand the vast array of responses, but the contact frequency by Spooky 2, hypotension, and nitric oxide frequencies worked well and helped me to improve the blood flow in my brain.

The second week after the symptoms started, I started the Spooky2 plasma and got it working. It had been a long time since I had purchased it, but I had tested it once and put it down.

When I tested it when I was healthy, I didn’t feel any physical reaction at all, but when I tested it when I had a problem with my body, my body reacted in such an amazing way The autonomic nervous system disease program I did with the plasma first worked well. I could also see that my intracranial fluid moved laterally within my skull while I was doing the plasma. The optic nerve, oculomotor nerve, aneurysms, varicose veins, etc. also all worked well for my body, and I am now in my fourth week with 11 remote units, and things are almost back to normal.

It was really helpful for me to make a lot of detailed programs of frequencies related to the brain and nerves. Thank you very much!

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