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My name is GAiL StAiRS, and I have had Spooky2 for almost a year now. :))))))))

It has helped me do PHENOMENAL THiNGS!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDD And I and so appreciative. You all are absolutely incredible. I would love to win this. A scalar machine, with a DNA digizer, and a colloidal silver maker being the prizes for the best video, would be soooooooo awesome. :)))))))) And help me to do so much more. I take colloidal silver every day 500 ppm. And it just helps absolutely everything work so much better :))))))))

And the digizer would help me to help more people, because I treat all of my friends! Haha 😀 And I make believers out of all of them :)))))))).

I Love Spooky2. And thank you for the opportunity to win this. It really would just make things even that much better. And I am so eager to keep going now :)))))))). I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done. And I hope you enjoy what I’ve made. It it custom just for this contest, and for you all. I worked on it all month, and really, all year. :)))))))) THiS OPPROTUNiTY iS SUCH A BLESSiNG!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SPOOKY2!!!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR SAViNG, AND CHANGiNG MY LIFE CONSTANTLY FOR THE BETTER!!!!!!!! Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


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