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Here is my story for submission -we’ve had spooky for probably around 2-3 years.

I remember when my herbalist first introduced us to this technology- I started listening to the free short frequencies on your website,….I
actually could feel a difference even with that. Then I started researching it…..and eventually we got one. I have lyme disease and initially was too weak/sensitive to use it, but I’ve been slowly able to increase it, I’m still only using Spooky in the remote mode. I’ve used if for my cat who had a severe UTI- with blood in her urine, we were worried her kidneys would end up shutting down- and it helped, she’s alive and seems to be okay. It’s helped my autistic sibling when he’s had meltdowns to get him out of them. Lately I’ve had lyme eye- blurry vision and lazy eye. The Eye Amblyopia, vision acuity and eyesight to improve frequency sets have been really helping. I am still frequency sensitive, and that has actually been helpful as I can tell what frequency really hits the spot. I used to have freeze responses- they originate from the nervous system being overwhelmed in a traumatic situation. The DH Sympathetic & parasympathetic Balance 0245, has really helped eliminate them. And that same preset is helpful for the odd lyme nervous system effects ….when you need to rest but you can’t take that
nap because you feel rather wired instead (essentially stuck in sympathetic activation)a unhealthy situation!……it has been very helpful to correct this. And actually with Lyme and being so very sensitive I really use the DH preset programs a lot they are gentle and I can feel symptomatic improvement while using them. I’ve used Mitochondrial correction 0199- for mitochondrial related fatigue (when you feel like a city with sweeping power outages, especially after mild/moderate exertion) and when you’re leg muscles are exhausted after merely climbing the stairs.

And for anyone else with frequency sensitivity:
Start with the DH Experimental Frequencies and start small. Don’t put yourself on multiple presets in one day, work up to it gradually. By what I’ve read this type of sensitivity is related to heavy metal toxicity- and it should gradually lesson when you lesson the load. If you are really quite ill & sensitive…have late stage lyme, by my experience I’d recommend not going gun-ho, slow gentle and steady…work your way up. Let your body tell you what is right for you.
Doing any killing type sets are likely too much at the moment, even the usual terrain too- I’ve had to wait and I’m still working towards being
strong enough to really do any lyme killing or normal strength terrain/detox. I’ve had to start with supportive frequencies only. To start into a gentle detox I’ve used the Detox maintenance preset (under Detox) and turned the amplitude voltage down to 2.5. And limited myself to just about 1 hour per week initially.
I’ve stayed away from contact mode as of yet and even learned how to turned down the ‘amplitude’ voltage to 2.5 in the ‘Signal settings’ box
of the Settings tab. I’ve done this for even the supportive sets until recently…..I’ve been extremely sensitive!

Slowly working away at the toxic load has helped me be able to handle a bit more. Sometimes it’s about not overtaxing your body’s much weakened vitality & ability to process/handle things when you’re really weak sick(which is very different then being strong sick), because by my experience you can make yourself weaker and actually worse. But then in late stage lyme it’s like playing chess backwards…after you’ve found yourself in checkmate from multiple directions at the same time. It’s complicated. You may not be strong enough to really get to the infection in an aggressive way [at first]- starting with supportive therapy and detox can help shift things to the point that you are able to start into zapping the infection and eventually get to the point of doing the whole Spooky Lyme protocol.


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