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Hello Friends,

This is not a dramatic story and surely many more will be more important. In any case here it is. I was on a bike ride today as I tried to go between 2 stone blocks I hit my head on a sign that should have been higher but was not. My head hit the sharp edge of the sign and cut
my head quite long and a bit deep, I saw a bit of “white light” but maintained my balance and despite the bleeding I made it home a few
kilometers away. I was able to stop the bleeding and noticed my body was somewhat tense (I guess a type of shock). So I decided to enter shock in the search field of the Gen X. I selected “shock” a 30 minute protocol. I placed cistus essential oil (for stopping the bleeding) and vetiver (for shock) on the receiver coil. I went between the scalar field and did one round of 30 minutes and noticed that my body was relaxing and the pain area was “getting worked on” at the end of the first 30 minutes I felt quite a bit better and then I decided to do another 30 minute and interestingly my whole digestive system started to gurgle and buzz, the body adjusted as a re-run of the accident images came into the vision as thoughts. After the end of the second session bleeding had completely stopped, pain in the cut area of the scalp was just a very slight sensation. So my body came back from the chemical reaction and stabilized. So all this to say that there are a multitude of
possibilities to virtually all challenges people go through in what is called life.

With Kind Regards and Gratitude,

Bruce Jessop

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