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Testimony of what spooky 2 did for me Leave a comment

Testimony of what spooky 2 did for me

I had a rife machine that I bought in South Africa and it helped me a lot Seeing that it did not have a remote it was a schlep A friend of mine told me about the spooky 2 but I did not think it was that good ,till another friend of mine explained everything to me Me being 83 years old was afraid that I would not be able to manage it , but I took the chance and bought 4 gen xm so that I could start with the M&L protocol The training on You tube is so fantastic that I am managing it very well. Then I bought a Gen X Then a scalar which is what every person should have Now I have a Miramate Ray Gun which healed all the scars on my face which the dermatologist could not do I had to go back time and again to have it burnt but it stayed ugly Now one can hardly see it Thanks Mr White, I congratulate u for what u mean to the world May the Lord bless you mightely

Ansonet de Wet

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