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How to Help with Leaky Gut Using Spooky2 3

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Today, we are going to show you how to help with leaky gut using Spooky2.

There are three basic ways to ease your pain caused by leaky gut syndrome and get your body better.

1. Helping with Leaky Gut Syndrome

The leaky gut syndrome is always related to a candida issue, which should be the primary focus and be adequately treated.

Step 1: Detox

People with candida issues need to be careful when choosing a Terrain Protocol. Clearing too many candida at once may cause a strong Herx reaction.

For these people, Detox Maintenance (R) – JK is the best choice. Because this is a generic detox designed to remove toxins throughout the body gently.

Spooky2 Software-1

Step 2: Leaky Gut related programs + ALL Maintenance (R) – DB

In this step, two generators are recommended (one for killing and the other for detox).

Generator 1: Killing shell preset + Leaky Gut related programs

Go to Presets tab, click >Shell (Empty) Presets and choose the mode you need.

Spooky2 Software-2

Then go to the Programs tab, search “leaky gut/candida”, and choose the programs you need according to the description down below.

Spooky2 Software-3

At last, go to the Control tab, tick “Overwrite Generator”, and choose the port of your generator.

Click “Start” to begin rifing.

1. If you don’t know which program to choose, Leaky Gut Syndrome is recommended.
2. Some users also run these programs in Spooky2 Cold Laser as they want to start things slow. For this case, choose Spooky Cold Laser (L) – JW as your shell preset.

Generator 2: ALL Maintenance (R) – DB in Remote mode

Go to the Presets tab, click >Morgellons and Lyme >Morgellons and Lyme v3.0 >Remote >ALL Maintenance (R) – DB

Go to the Control tab, tick “Overwrite Generator”, and choose the port of your generator.

Click “Start” to begin rifing.

Note: Keep it running for detox during treatment.

2. Helping with Symptoms of Leaky Gut

The leaky gut syndrome can lead to a variety of symptoms, such as digestive problems, headaches, bloating, and so on. You could also treat these symptoms to help with leaky gut.
Take “headache” as an example.
Go to Presets tab, click >Shell (Empty) Presets >Remote >Healing (R) – JW (Or in other modes as you need).

Spooky2 Software-4

Then go to the Programs tab, search “headache”, and choose the program that matches your symptoms based on the description down below.

Spooky2 Software-5

At last, go to the Control tab, tick “Overwrite Generator”, and choose the port of your generator.
Click “Start” to begin rifing.

3. Connect to Your Spooky2 Central

Spooky2 Central is currently the MOST powerful Rife machine and the ultimate weapon for complicated problems. It’s a modern-day Rife system that applies Royal Rife’s original frequencies directly without a carrier.


You can click the link below to find out how to connect to Spooky2 Central.

For Spooky2 Central: How to Set Up Both Hardware and Software for Spooky Central


Open Spooky2 software.

Under Presets tab, select Shell (Empty) Preset – Spooky Plasma Advanced (P) – JW

Select the leaky gut programs under the Programs tab.

At last, go to the Control tab, tick “Overwrite Generator”, and choose the port of your generator.

Click “Start” to begin rifing.

4. Improving Your Diet

Take fewer foods that contain lecithin or conventional cow milk that contains protein A1 casein.

There is also some advice from Spooky2 users about eating:

“I’ve found three things that needed to happen in my experience to treat leaky gut: refraining from inflammatory foods, reducing starchy carbs and sugar, and probiotic intake to restore balance when candida is taking over in the gut.”

“A good probiotic like Kefir will help. Candida encourages you to drink and eat what will keep it alive and healthy – so ditch your regular and favorite foods. Vary your diet: Too much of the same food leads to more food intolerances.”

More advice here.

What do you know about leaky gut? Have you tried any methods above? How did it work? Comment below and share your own experience with us. Your story may save many people from this devil!

The advice is collected from users based on their situations. Use at your own risk. Also, always listen to your own body.

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  1. I have been using my rife machine to eliminate Candida and heal my leaky gut syndrome for about 6 months now. My diet was on and off for about 5 months (alcohol, eating conventional grown/raised products, packaged products containing sugar sources). Now I am controlling my diet, using my Spooky 2 as mentioned above, and started a Dr. McCombs Candida cleanse (anti-fungal supplements & probiotics). I feel good although not sure if it’s the diet, the cleanse products, or the Spooky 2 programs that help the most. I will continue these for another 3 months and check back in

    Patrick Scullion
    1. Thank you for your support and trust in us, please continue to use our products.

    2. Hello, can you please share the result upon the completion of your candida treatment?

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