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Heart issue is responsible for the most deaths worldwide for both men and women of all races. According to a new study, the number of people dying from heart issues is still on the rise globally because of the growing population and the increasing number of elderly people despite the advances in medicine today.

Heart issue has deeply troubled millions of people and families. But today you will hear a true story from Gary Cone who succeeded in improving his severe heart issues by using Spooky2 Central.

Doctor Gary Cone, is an energy psychologist and also a licensed clinician in mental health. In 2017, he bought some XM generators for his irregular heartbeat. Just after using Remote mode for six weeks, he had much fewer episodes of irregularity of heartbeat or rapid heartbeat. However, since he purchased the Spooky2 Central, the Plasma Tube can easily and quickly eliminate his heart issues, which was an incredible and happy thing for him.

Now it’s time to let him speak for himself.

“This is Doctor Gary Cone, just a little bit about me. I’m in private practice. My doctorate is in Energy medicine, and I am a diplomat in energy psychology from the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology. And I’m also a licensed clinician in mental health.

I’ve been interested in Rife Frequencies for many years, but I never found a product that I felt would deliver the frequencies as the originals.

It wasn’t until early 2017, I heard about speaking to the chiropractor, a friend of mine. And in late 2017, I purchased a couple of XM generators.

My interest at the time was basically for myself. I had some severe heart issues. ( irregularity of heartbeat or rapid heartbeat)

It keep me awake and I couldn’t sleep. I want to relieve but I don’t want to use medication to control that. So I was willing to give the Spooky2 a chance.

I would say about after I got the two generators, and I put myself on the Remote.

I would say within a week to two weeks, I began to see some changes.

I mean I had less episodes. And I say if I did have an episode, it was a long the duration.

So I continued to keep myself on the Remote for that condition. I would say after six weeks, it was pretty much eliminated. I didn’t have those episodes anymore. And it’s been two years occasionally I have an episode.

Since then I purchased the Spooky2 Central.

If I have an episode, I’ll put myself on the Plasma Tube for that condition. And easily it eliminated my heart issues very quickly, so I’m very happy with the results.”

You can watch this video to get a sense of his experience.

Not only did he use Spooky2 to improve his own health, but he also helped his friends and clients get rid of various health conditions.

For example, Gary Cone helped his partner get rid of severe gallbladder issues by using Spooky2 Remote. Not only that, conditions like neuropathy, hip pain, skin problems, cataract,s and so on were all effectively relieved and alleviated by using Spooky2 Plasma.

Now Gary Cone has 42 XM generators, 2 GeneratorXs, and the Spooky2 Scalar. He is always helping more people.

For more experiences about Gary Cone, you can watch this video.

We hope Gary Cone’s story could help you! Please never give up at any time! Comment below and share your stories with Spooky2.

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  1. My heart condition is related to the paracadium . I hot very sick , weak, tired, have irregular heart beat as well and so many other problems related to it . I have not taken medication either .my holistic practitioner detected it’s the paracadium . We have a soooky 2 and just xm GeneratorX as in picture . I first did spooky 2 detox and paracadititis program if that’s the words and now running spooky 2 spectrum sweep For two days now . We are extremely new to this and now wondering if there’s something I should add or order for heart issues especially. . Being very ill now for 6 wks. Thankyou for reading .

    1. We also suggest that you can join our group. There are many professional users who have used our products for a long time. You can share their experience with them.
      You can also contact us or exchange ideas with our real users in our forum and group:
      Spooky2 Forum:
      Spooky2 Group:
      There are more than 15,000 users in both the group and forum.

  2. My son and I have been at this for heart, blood pressure , prostate, back pain, and anxiety for quite a few months , now with 4 GEN X PRO and another on the way, and have seen no real changes on remote. Contact is NOT RECOMMENDED with AFIB and EPILEPSY
    like we are dealing with. Neither is Scalar according to the Spooky2 support staff.
    For myself the Blood pressure may work too well at lowering it even on a reduced voltage. Actually putting me in hypotension. We have tried single programs and presets.

    I have AFIB with flutters and my son has palpitations after dinner .
    May I ask what particular PROGRAMS did Dr. Cone use to correct his heart issues?
    My son 40 year old son Peter is constantly in the forum asking questions. He feels like a pest to be frank.
    He has been targeting his enlarged prostate for weeks with no change using various programs.
    Methods have been tried evaluated and changed on all our issues.
    It can be very frustrating when you know that Rife does work, so what are we lacking if anything at all?

    Thank you for reading this. Your ideas are welcome.

    1. Hi, please feel free to send your questions to [email protected], our support team will give you much more professional advice based on your conditions:)

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