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Spooky2 Beginners Guide 7

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For your ease of use, we have put together this beginner’s guide that will walk you through every step of the way and help you unleash the full power of Spooky2.

Step 1 Hardware Connection

Hardware Setup Guide

Spooky2 Generator and Accessories Connection Video

Spooky Central Connection Video

How to Put DNA Samples in the Spooky Remote

Step 2 Software Installation and Operation

Software Installation

Operation: Simple Start Instructions

How to Set Up Multiple Generators

Step 3 Treatment

The First Preset to Run

Terrain Protocol

Morgellons Protocol

How to Choose Keywords when Searching in Spooky2 Software?

How to Distinguish Healing and Killing Frequency?

What is the Difference between Healing and Killing?

Some Guides During Use

Why Two Rife Machines Are Better Than One

Why Multiple Generators Are Suggested For Certain conditions

Why does my health initially feel worse when I use Spooky?

Not Everyone Feels Worse At The Start Of Treatments, But If You Do…

The Importance of Drinking Lemon Water

Instruction for Other Accessories


Spooky Phanotron Tube Instructions


Spooky Central PEMF Coil Instructions


Spooky Ultrasonic Instructions

Cold Laser

Spooky Cold Laser Instructions


Spooky Pulse Training

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver Instructions:

Little Known Uses For Nano Silver Water

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  1. Trying to do my initial biofeedback scan. Something’s not working. I have Windows 10.

    1. Dear Linda Rice, can you tell us specifically about what’s wrong with your software? You can chat online on https://www.spooky2-mall.com/ or email us at [email protected], our service lady will kindly help you.

  2. Thank you so much for what you do and who you are ~

  3. LEDs on remote not lighting up. Also it looks like CH1 & CH2 are OFF, they look like they are highlighted in red. Don’t know if that means anything.

    1. Hi, it is normal that remote light is not on. There is one blog explaining in details: https://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/how-does-spooky-remote-light/
      If you still have some doubts, you could take a photo of your remote and send it to [email protected], so that our customer service can have a further check with your setup.

  4. Where can I find the start up instructions for the Spooky2 Gen X? I purchased this in Nov. 2021 and still have not figured out how to use it. I have downloaded all the information but it’s for the wrong machine, the one I wished I would have purchased! By the time I realized it I could no longer return it. I joined the FB Group and have asked some questions, most people are nice but mostly rude. I have been told to do my home work and learn how to use the Gen X. I work 50-60 per week, that’s not going to work right now and neither is being rude. I would highly recommend not buying the Gen X. Please start out with the XM Generator if possible. I have a $1000 machine that is completely useless to me at this point.

    1. Hi, joanne. So sorry to bring you this trouble. The instructions of GX are the same as these of XM. The only different thing between them is that GX is equipped with 2 generators. But if you want to run some programs, you can refer to the procedures of running XM, please do not need to worry.
      We have plenty of training courses online. You can find them from: https://www.spooky2videos.com/courses/
      And we also update some instructional videos on Youtube tunnel: https://www.youtube.com/c/Spooky2Rife
      Many customers also share their usage experience and post their questions on our facebook group, over thousands of people are willing to provide their help: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2
      Of course, any questions, you can send them to [email protected], they will provide help to you at any time.

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