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Understanding Rife

Understanding Rife Therapy
How Rife Works
Does a Rife machine harm normal body cells?
The Golden Rule of Rifing
How Rife Therapy Works
Why Rife was Able to Identify Frequencies We Have Trouble Finding Today?

Rife Advice

Which Rife Machine to Choose
Why Two Rife Machines Are Better Than One
Why Multiple Generators Are Suggested For Certain Diseases
Which Waveform to Use in Rife
Disease Dictionary
Detox Training
What are the differences between Remote, Contact and Plasma Modes?
How long and how often to use contact, remote and plasma?
What is the difference between each delivery method and what has the best efficacy?
Are all the Spooky subsystems safe for pacemakers, other electric implants or metal replacements?
How long does it take to kill a pathogen with a frequency generator?
How long does it take to treat diseases using Spooky2?
What is the Difference between Healing and Killing?
How to Distinguish Healing and Killing Frequency
Are there any limits in using healing frequencies?
Where can Spectrum be used?
Database Sets, Pulse Results, or Spectrum Sweeps?
What is Herx Reaction?
Why Does My Health Initially Feel Worse When I Use Rife Machine?
Not Everyone Feels Worse At The Start Of Treatments, But If You Do...
Spooky2 Remote for Parkinson's Disease
Easy Spooky2 Frequency Imprinting
Theory on Frequency Fatigue/Poisoning and Spooky Remotes
Mining for Knowledge
Do I need to Run Healing Frequencies Long Enough to Have a Lasting Effect?
How to Use Very High Frequencies in Spooky2 Software
How to Add New Generators to the Running Software
Spooky2 Frequency Imprinting Q&A
Killing and Healing Presets Demystified
4 Reasons Why We Don't Use Disintegration Factor
Why Choose Spooky2 Rife Machine?

Frequency Healing

Using Spooky2 Rife Machine to Perform Frequency Healing
Spooky2 Frequency Generator
Start Healing Your Body Using Solfeggio Frequencies
The Benefits of Spooky2 Frequency Healing

Frequency Research

Frequencies: Top 100!
Rife Frequency List
Rife Frequency Sources
What is original rife machine's frequency range?
Rife Frequencies for Cancer
Important New Frequencies - Morgellons
Gingerol and Shogaol Frequencies
Spooky2 Preset for Kundalini
Smoking Frequencies
How to Do Energetic Work with Spooky2
The Spine Frequencies
Sleep & Insomnia Frequencies
Chemical Ingredient Healing Frequencies
The Frequencies of Rifing Review
Why Do We Use Low Frequencies And Not High Ones?
Will the Frequencies Affect Other People in the Home?
What are the differences between Golden Ratio and Fibonacci in Harmonic Type
Carrier Frequencies
Using Spooky2 Meridian Frequencies
Benefits of Schumann Resonator
Do the Spooky2 Databases Kill or Heal?
Using Spooky2 Rife Machine to Perform Frequency Healing
Start Healing Your Body Using Solfeggio Frequencies

Molecular Weight Frequencies

Molecular Weight Frequencies
Important Notice for MW Database Experimenters
Molecular Weight Vitamin Frequencies
Spooky2 and Essential Oils
How to Convert Molecular Weight to Frequency and Run it in Spooky2 Software
A Call to Share Your Molecular Weight Research
Molecular Weight Q&A
What Are Vitamins and Minerals?
Health Benefits of Vitamin A
Health Benefits of Vitamin B1
Health Benefits of Vitamin B2
Health Benefits of Vitamin B3
Health Benefits of Vitamin B5
Health Benefits of Vitamin B6
Health Benefits of Vitamin B7
Health Benefits of Vitamin B9
Health Benefits of Vitamin B12
Health Benefits of Vitamin C
Health Benefits of Vitamin D
Health Benefits of Vitamin E
Health Benefits of Vitamin K
How to Apply Spooky2 Molecular Weight Frequencies
Ivermectin: The Wonder Drug for Killing Parasites
Health Benefits of C60
Health Benefits of Mineral Boron
Health Benefits of Mineral Calcium
Health Benefits of Mineral Iodine
Health Benefits of Mineral Copper

Biofeedback Scan

Finding the Right Frequencies
Understanding Biofeedback Scan
How Does Biofeedback Work
GX Scan Range, Why This Is A Breakthrough
Understanding Reverse Lookup
Why Do Scan Results Differ Each Time?
GX Sample Digitizer Instruction
What Are the Differences Between Pulse Scan and GX Scan?
Which Preset Should We Use for Pulse Scan Results?

New Users

Spooky2 Beginners Guide
Instruction Video for First Time Users
Spooky2 Notes: Newbies First Rife Instructions
How to Connect Spooky2 Accessories
Spooky2 Setups from Users
Spooky2 Terminology
Essential First Step for Spooky2 Users
The Importance of Drinking Lemon Water
Spooky Treatment Choices
Seven Spooky Notes You Must Be Aware of
Spooky2 Kits Comparison
Recommended Windows Settings for Spooky2
Understanding Spooky2
Things to Remember when Using Spooky2
Solutions to Computer-related Problems While Using Spooky2
How to Tell If Your Generator Is Running
How to Set Up Multiple Generators


Spooky Plasma User's Guide
Colloidal Silver Full Guide
Spooky2 Guides in Italian
Spooky2 GeneratorX Users Guide
Spooky2 Setup Guide
GX Sample Digitizer Instruction

Spooky Central

Spooky Central Instructions 
Spooky Phanotron Tube Instructions
Spooky Central PEMF Coil Instructions
Spooky Ultrasonic Instructions
John White on Spooky2 & Spooky2 Central - Interviewed by Dr. Jeremy
Spooky Central: John White Interviewed by Clive de Carle
Spooky Central Q&A
Spooky Phanotron Tube Q&A
What is the Effective Distance of Plasma?
What’s the difference between Spooky Phanotron Tube and Spooky Straight Tube?
Using the PEMF Coil with Spooky Central and Spooky2-XM Generator
What Order Should I Power Things On and Off
"Overnight Kill 8 Hours" - a Powerful Preset Chain
Does Spooky Plasma Cause Any Herx?
How to Convert Old Presets for Use with Spooky Central
Spooky Central: Carrier vs. No Carrier Wave
Spooky Central Alternative for Carrier Waves
How to Dedicate a Generator to Spooky Central
What are the Advantages of Spooky Central?
Can Phanotron Tube Be Used for the Whole Body?
Spooky PEMF Coil Q&A
How Can I Use Spooky Plasma Tube Overnight?
Test Cases for Killing Mold Using Plasma Tube
Notes for Using Spooky2 Central
How to Set Up Both Hardware and Software to Use Spooky Central
The Complementary 4 Modes of Spooky Central
Does Phanotron Tube Produce Harmonic Frequencies?

Spooky2-XM Generator

Connecting PEMF Coil to the XM Generator
Connecting Accessories Directly to the Generator
How to Test Generator's Output using Spooky Remote
What would Happen to Your Generators When Encountering Power Outage
How to Manually Change Com Port for Each Generator
Spooky2-XM Generator Q&A
Can I use the Cold Laser and PEMF Coil at the same time in one generator?
How to Connect Spooky2 XM Generator
Why the Frequency Displayed on Generator is Different from the Frequency on the Computer?
Spooky2 Applications
Spooky2 Frequency Generator

Spooky2 Plasma

What's the Difference Between Spooky2 Plasma and Spooky2 Central
What is the Difference Between Spooky2 Plasma and Other Rife Machines?
Spooky Plasma User's Guide
Which Plasma Tube is Best for You?
Spooky Plasma Q&A
Why Do We Use Gating for Spooky Plasma?
What is the Effective Distance of Plasma?
How Did Rife Machines Work for Cancer?
Does Spooky Plasma Cause Any Herx?
How Can I Use Spooky Plasma Tube Overnight?
What Are the Advantages of Spooky2 Plasma?
What Are the Differences Between True Rife Machine and Hoyland Machine

Spooky2 GeneratorX

What's the Difference Between GeneratorX (GX) and the XM Generator?
GeneratorX Biofeedback Threshold
GeneratorX - Redefining Biofeedback
How to Load Programs Into GeneratorX?
Tips on GeneratorX Biofeedback
Why GeneratorX Biofeedback "Reverse Lookup" May Give Few Results?
How to Place TENS Pads While Doing Biofeedback Using GeneratorX
GeneratorX Biofeedback Scan Getting Started Quick Tips
Spooky2 GeneratorX Q&A
GeneratorX vs XM-Generator, Why Both Have Value in Your Arsenal
Spooky2 GeneratorX Users Guide
Improving Biofeedback Scan Results
How to Combine Biofeedback Current and Angle into a Single Program
Tips for Using Remote and Contact Preset with GeneratorX Standalone
GX Scan Range, Why This Is A Breakthrough
GeneratorX Biofeedback Scan Q&A
Spooky2 Sample Digitizer Q&A
Spooky2 Sample Digitizer Guidelines
How to Load and Run Terrain Protocol Using GeneratorX

Spooky2 Scalar

Physics Behind A Scalar System Like Spooky2 Scalar

Spooky Boost

Connecting Spooky Boost v3.0
Spooky Boost v2.0 Connection
What's the Difference Between High Power Port and Colloidal Silver Port?

Remote Healing

Does Remote Rife Treatment Work?
Working Theory of Spooky Remote
Scientific Proof of Remote Healing
Testimonials of Spooky2 Remote Healing
Spooky Remote Mode Instructions
Spooky Remote Q&A
What Source of DNA for Remote Rife and How Long It Lasts
How to Put DNA Samples in the Spooky Remote
How Does Spooky Remote Light
Spooky Remote LEDs Don't Light Up
Calcite as a Remote Amplifier
What is the Difference between the Black (MN) Remote and the White (BN) Remote?
Does Scalar Wave Target the Bacteria or Fungi in the DNA Sample?
Can I use both the white (BN) remote and black (MN) remote at the same time on one generator?
Double the Remote Efficiency of Spooky2 Essential Kit
Spooky Remote v2.0 Q&A
Details of What Changed with the New Remote v2.0
Spooky Remote v2.0 Instruction
Spooky2 Remote Quantum Healing
What Are the Differences Between Spooky2 Sample Digitizer and Spooky2 Remote?
Does Spooky2 Remote Really Work for Killing Virus And Bacteria?

Contact Mode

Spooky2 Contact Mode Instructions
Spooky Tens Pad and Spooky Hand Cylinder Q&A
Tens Pads Placement
Does Contact Penetrate Deep inside the Body?
What You Can Do When You Experience Shocks in Contact Mode
Why I Don't Feel Anything During The Contact Session
How to Do Foot Bath Using Spooky2 Hand Cylinders
Where to Place TENS Pads
How to Add a Dynamic Carrier for Contact Mode
Spooky Tens Internal Electrode Instructions
How to Connect Spooky2 Contact Accessories

Spooky Pulse

Finding the Right Frequencies
Understanding Biofeedback Scan
How Does Biofeedback Work
Spooky Pulse Instruction
Understanding Reverse Lookup
Spooky2 Reverse Lookup
What is Reverse Lookup for
Muscle Testing
Spooky Pulse Training
3 Modes of Biofeedback Scans
New Biofeedback Presets Explained
Spooky Pulse Hardware FAQ
Spooky Pulse Q&A
Why You Are Unable to Save the Spooky Pulse Scan Results
How to Get Better Results from the Pulse Finger Sensor
Why Do Scan Results Differ Each Time?
What do we do after we get results from biofeedback scan using Spooky Pulse
Biofeedback Scan Tips
Biofeedback Using BPM and HRV Values
How to Transfer Biofeedback Scan Results from One Computer to Another
How to Test Spooky Pulse
How to Filter Your Scan Results
Why is the Real Scan Time Longer Than the Estimated Scan Time?
What's the Meaning of the Number in Brackets Following the Scan Results?
How to Reload Scan Results
How to Do A Grade Program Scan
How Is the Hits Value of Biofeedback Scans Calculate
How to Calculate Initial Step Size to Avoid Having Holes in Your Scan

Spooky Cold Laser

Spooky Cold Laser
Spooky Cold Laser Instructions
Spooky Cold Laser Q&A
Can I Use Two Cold Lasers at the Same Time on One Generator?
Improve Red Blood Cells Rouleau by Using Spooky Cold Laser

Colloidal Silver

Little Known Uses For Nano Silver Water
Make Commercial Grade NANO Colloidal Silver Using Spooky2
Laser Light Test on Spooky2 Nano-Colloidal Silver
Magnetic Stirrer Needed to Make Colloidal Silver
Making Colloidal Nano Silver the SPOOKY Way
Difference Between Colloidal Silver and Ionic Silver
Instructions of Making Colloidal Silver Using Spooky2
Important Notes of making Colloidal Silver using Spooky2
What Makes the Spooky Colloidal Silver Protocol Special?
How to Find the Strength of Colloidal Silver
Step by Step Instructions of Making Colloidal Silver
TDS Meters Don't Work For Colloidal Silver
Spooky2 Colloidal Silver Q&A
Colloidal Silver Full Guide
Colloidal Silver User's Manual

Spooky G-scope

Spooky G-scope Q&A

Spooky2 Software

How to Install Spooky2 Software
How to Choose Keywords when Searching in Spooky2 Software
Spooky2 Buttons
Spooky2 Software Presets Tabs
How to Run Spooky Central Using the Spooky2 Software
How to Run a Preset Program
How to Create a Customized Frequency Set
How to Resume Your Program
How to Make Your Own Presets Out of Shell Presets
How to Make Your Own Presets out of Shell Presets (October Software Version)
How to Change Settings When the Program is Running
Spooky2 Software Preset List
Spooky2 Presets Explained
How to Install a Database
Experimenting With One Frequency
When to Use Inverse+Sync, Follow Out 1, Spike+Sync
Entering Gingerol and Shogaol Frequencies into Spooky2
How to Run Schumann Frequencies on Spooky2
What Kind of Laptop/Computer Do I Need to Run Spooky2
What is Preset Chain
How to Install and Use Chain Editor
How to Run DB Cancer Protocol
How to Use Load Programs
Golden Ratio Presets Explained
Why Can't I Find the Program Used Before?
How to Run Terrain Protocol BY
How Does the Broad Spectrum Antibiotic Preset Work?
What is in File Menu?
What is in Utils Menu?
Introduction to Tabs in Spooky2 Software
How to Use Base Pair Database
How to Create a Program
How to Use Harmonics in Spooky2 Software
How to Prevent Pathogens Becoming Adapted to the Treatment
What Can You Do with the Virtual Generator?
How to Identify Generators
How to Optimize the Settings for Entrainment Healing
Spooky2 Software: Biofeedback Improvements
How to Resume Terrain Protocol
How to Merge 2 Custom Databases Together
“Pure AM SSB” Modulation Explained
What is Spooky's Tissue Factor?
The Terrain Protocol Explained
How to Set Preset Chain in Three Different Scenarios
How to Change the Dwell Time of Frequencies

Waves & Settings

Healing and Killing FAQ
Harmonics Explained
Using Spectrum Sweeps
Carrier Sweeps Explained
How Much Amplitude Should I Use?
Difference between Frequency Multiplier and Wave Cycle Multiplier
Entire Terrain Protocol in One Preset
A Frequency Set Editor for Beginners
Cheat Sheets for Program Options Videos
General Rules on Frequency Wobbles and Feathering
Golden Kill Presets
Golden Waveforms Toolbox

Setting Up Spooky2 as Zapper

Zapping, the Spooky Way
What Is the Difference Between Frequency and Zapping?

Disease Protocols

Cancer Protocol Using 4 Frequency Generators
Cancer Protocol Using 2 Frequency Generators
Lyme Protocol Using Frequency Generators
Morgellons Protocol
Tinnitus Protocol
Eczema Recovery Program
Full Terrain Protocol Preset Minus Metals
Case Study: Success with Prostate Enlargement
The Terrain Protocol Presets
The Morgellon Full Presets
A New Approach to Diabetes Type 2
How to Run The Morgellons and Lyme Protocol
Song of Spine
The Outline of Morgellons and Lyme Protocol
A Simplified Morgellons and Lyme Protocol

Cancer & Positive Outcomes

Cancer Protocol Using 4 Frequency Generators
Cancer Protocol Using 2 Frequency Generators
Rife Frequencies for Cancer
The Cancer Full Presets

Lyme & Positive Outcomes

Lyme Protocol Using Frequency Generators
Spooky2 Rife Machine for Lyme

Morgellons & Positive Outcomes

Morgellons Protocol
Important New Frequencies - Morgellons
Testimonial with Settings from One Spooky2 User with Morgellons
Spooky2 Morgellons Testimonial Videos
Can you use the Morgellons protocol for other conditions?

Protocols from Johann Stegmann

Multiple Sclerosis Protocol from Johann Stegmann
Treat Info Program by Johann Stegmann

Other Conditions & Positive Outcomes

Crazy Spooky Technology for Crohn's Disease
Rife Frequency Treatment for Eyesight Problems
Innovative Treatment Ideas
How to Get Rid of Mold Using a Rife Machine
General Maintenance Program
Tooth Infection Discovery with Spooky2

Rife Machine for Animals

Spooky2 Rife Machine for Pets
2750HZ, Fleas Death Ray, Experiments on 2 Cats
How to Get Nail DNA from Animals
Spooky2 Rife Therapy for Pets

Health & Fitness

Chinese Food Energies and Gut Health
8 Foods That Help Fight Cancer
Cupping Therapy: What You Need To Know
Health Benefits of Dandelion
Certain Signs on Your Face May Suggest a Potential Disease
Health Benefits of Coconut Oil
Better Digestive Health, Better Life
Don’t Do These Things To Damage Your Kidneys
How to Naturally Boost Your Immune System
Health Benefits of Vinegar
9 Brain Damaging Habits You Must Avoid
Home Remedies for Cold Hands and Feet
Health Benefits of Hot Foot Bath
Natural Ways to Ease Diarrhea
A Few Tips for Sleeping Well in the Night
9 Signs You Have Too Many Toxins in Your Body
Polyphenols for Prevention and Treatment of Mesothelioma Cancer
Is Your Biological Clock A Factor in Progression of Cancer?
6 Best Tips to Manage Stress Naturally and Effectively
5 Breathing Exercises to Reduce Stress and Improve Sleep
How to Reduce Herx Reaction?
The Best Detox Time for Your Main Organs
5 Natural Ways to Detox Your Body
6 Ways to Prevent Alzheimers Disease
11 Foods That Can Boost Your Immune System
10 Natural Ways to Prevent and Treat A Cold
5 Food Therapies to Stay Health in Fall
6 Natural Ways to Lower Blood Pressure
Live 13% Longer of Your Life by Eating This
What Are Vitamins and Minerals?
Health Benefits of Vitamin A
Health Benefits of Vitamin B1
Health Benefits of Vitamin B2
Health Benefits of Vitamin B3
Health Benefits of Vitamin B5
Health Benefits of Vitamin B6
Health Benefits of Vitamin B7
Health Benefits of Vitamin B9
Health Benefits of Vitamin B12
Health Benefits of Vitamin C
Health Benefits of Vitamin D
Health Benefits of Vitamin E
Health Benefits of Vitamin K
10 Benefits of Detoxing Your Body
How to Use Reflexology Charts with Spooky2
Health Benefits of C60
Health Benefits of Mineral Boron
Health Benefits of Mineral Calcium
Health Benefits of Mineral Iodine
Health Benefits of Mineral Copper


Troubleshooting: Verifying Your Spooky2 Generator Works OK
What You Can Do When Your Generators Get Stuck
Generators Have No Communication With Software
Troubleshooting: Plasma Tube Does Not Light Up


Recommended Windows Settings for Spooky2
Spooky2 Glossary
Relationships Between Emotional Conflicts and Target Organs
How to Control Spooky2 from Anywhere Using TeamViewer
How to Start Rifing with Spooky2 on a Shoestring Budget
Spooky2 Guides in Italian
Spooky2 Forum Adds New Spooky Outreach Section
How to Use Spooky Audio
A Smart Tool for Adding Scan Results into Spooky2 Morgellons Lyme and Cancer Protocols

News & Updates

In Gratitude
Spooky Central Launched
John White on Spooky2 & Spooky2 Central - Interviewed by Dr. Jeremy
Spooky Central: John White Interviewed by Clive de Carle
Spooky2 03012016 Released
Call for Member Presets and Waves
Spooky2 01022016 Uploaded
Important Spooky2 Uploads 14022016
Spooky2 01032016 Released
Important New Uploads 16 March 2016: Software and Morgellons Protocol
Spooky2 01042016 Uploaded
Spooky2 01052016 Uploaded
Spooky2 01062016 and Italian Version Uploaded
Pests and Mold Protocols for Spooky2 Home Care Kit
Spooky2 Italia, Spooky2 Polska and Spooky2 Portugal
Exciting New Accessories Released
Spooky2 20160803 Released
Contest: Share Your Story and Win FREE Prizes
Spooky2 20161004a Uploaded
Spooky2: Buy One Get One Free
Happy Thanksgiving Day 2016
XM Generator Upgrade
Spooky2 20161201 Uploaded
New Zealand Conference 2016.12.02
Spooky2 Christmas Kit
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2017
Spooky2 Christmas Kit Offer Extended
Take Control
Ireland Conference 2017.01.07
Exciting New Contact Accessories Released
Spooky2 20170201 Uploaded
Spooky2 Ask Me Anything
Spooky2 20170308 Uploaded
Spooky2 20170401 Uploaded
Spooky2 Training in Italy
Spooky2 Course in France
Poland Conference 2017.05.27
New Accessories Released: 10 Port USB 3.0 Hub and Quad 5V Power Supply
France Conference 2017.05.20
Italy Conference 2017.05.16
Spooky2 Training - Giovinazzo, Italy - June 25, 2017
Spooky2 20170701 Uploaded
Spooky2 Training - Torcy, France - July 1 & 2, 2017
Spooky2 Training - Hong Kong - August 15, 2017
Upcoming Seminars and Conferences in Italy
Spooky2 Training - Hong Kong - October 1, 2017
Spooky2 Course in Luxembourg
Happy Thanksgiving 2017: Big News and Special Offer
Free eBook: Fixing Thyroid Problems: Strong Natural & Electronic Ways of Regaining Health by Roman Nowak
Spooky2 Training - Bisceglie, Italy - November 18-19, 2017
New Accessories Released: Spooky Remote v2.0 and Spooky Boost v3.1
Spooky2 Christmas Kit 2017
Spooky2 Christmas Kit 2017 Offer Extended
Thank You and Happy New Year!
Spooky Plasma Will Be Released Next Monday
Free eBook: How to Get Rid of Flu and Viral Infections Naturally by Dr. Yole Yogi Raam
Spooky2 Initiatives in Italy
Spooky2-XM Gets A Big Brother; GeneratorX
Spooky2 GeneratorX Released
Spooky2 20180207 Released
Holiday Notice for Chinese New Year 2018
Spooky2: 5th Anniversary World Tour
Spooky Phanotron Tube Cover Released
Happy Birthday Spooky!
Spooky2 20180401 Released
Spooky2 5th Anniversary: Share Your Story And Win FREE Prizes
Spooky2 Exchange Meeting - Nanjing, China - April 3-4, 2018
Spooky G-scope & Spooky Large Tens Pad Released
Special Offer for A New Accessory Launch
New Arrival & SHOP NOW for Spooky2 Sample Digitizer and Replacement Slides
Spooky2 5th Anniversary World Tour First Stop - The United States
Orlando Conference 2018.06.15
Atlanta Conference 2018.06.19
Los Angeles Conference 2018.06.25
New York Conference 2018.06.29
Spooky2 in An Art Exhibition
Spooky2 Scalar to Be Released on August 2nd
New Products Released: Spooky2 Scalar and Extended Link Cable
Spooky2 5th Anniversary World Tour Second Stop - The Europe
Spooky2 20180805 Released
London Conference 2018.08.26
Paris Conference 2018.09.02

[SAMA] One on One with John

Spooky2 Ask Me Anything
[SAMA] Episode 01: The Anatomy of Spooky2 Rife System

[SAMA] Episode 02: PEMF Coil, Cold Laser and Q&A
[SAMA] Episode 03: The Basics of Spooky2 Software
[SAMA] Episode 04: Hypnosis, Spirituality and Healing
[SAMA] Episode 05: Biofeedback and Q&A
[SAMA] Episode 06: Mining for Knowledge
[SAMA] Episode 07: Minerals and The Secrets to Health
[SAMA] Episode 08: Using Self Hypnosis for Healing
[SAMA] Episode 09: Silver: The Treasure They Tried to Bury
[SAMA] Episode 10: Royal Rife: The True Story
[SAMA] Episode 11: How I Use Spooky2 to Diagnose My Lyme Disease
[SAMA] Episode 12: Practical and Feasible Ways of Regaining Health
[SAMA] Episode 13: Royal Rife: Microscopes and More
[SAMA] Episode 14: Food for Consciousness, Happiness and Health
[SAMA] Episode 15: Essential Oil Uses and Benefits
[SAMA] Episode 16: Spooky Central and Q&A

[SAMA] Episode 17: Holographic Universe, Energetics and Health
[SAMA] Episode 18: Energy Body, Crystals and Energy Tools
[SAMA] Episode 19: The Essence/Purpose of Life, Here and Now
[SAMA] Episode 20: Colloidal Silver and PEMF Therapy
[SAMA] Episode 21: Release Negative Emotions and Traumatic Memories with EFT - Tapping Acupressure
[SAMA] Episode 22: Using Spooky2 to Support Organ Health
[SAMA] Episode 23: Scalar Quantum Healing and Octahedral Matrix
[SAMA] Episode 24: Treating Cancer and Other Illnesses Naturally
[SAMA] Episode 25: Why Turpentine Is Good for Your Health

[SAMA] Episode 26: Chronic Disease: Causes, Mechanism, and Symptoms
[SAMA] Episode 27: Wholistic Medical Nutrition and Attempting a Cure
[SAMA] Episode 28: Accompanying Pathogens in Cancer Patients - Why the Tumor Frequency is Not Enough
[SAMA] Episode 29: Adrenal, Allergies & Autism
[SAMA] Episode 30: What is Structured Water and How it can Improve Your Health
[SAMA] Episode 31: Natural Remedy to Kill Foreign Pathogens, Detox and Rebuild the Immune System
[SAMA] Episode 32: 5 Flavours of Health
[SAMA] Episode 33: Sulfate: The Most Common Nutritional Deficiency That You Never Heard Of
[SAMA] Episode 34: Re-Train Your Brain For A Better Life
[SAMA] Episode 35: Having a Positive Outlook for 2018, Leaving Fears and Troubles Behind Us and Getting Ready for a Shift
[SAMA] Episode 36: Fighting Inflammation and Fibrosis, the Keys to Combating Disease and Increasing Longevity
[SAMA] Episode 37: Introducing GeneratorX
[SAMA] Episode 38: GeneratorX: Redefining Frequency Treatments
[SAMA] Episode 39: Lyme Disease: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment & Pathology
[SAMA] Episode 40: Staying Healthy in an Era of Biowarfare, GMOs and Geoengineering
[SAMA] Episode 41: Understanding Cancer Causation & The Parasite Connection

1st SAMA Anniversary and Exciting News
[SAMA] Episode 42: The Trouble with 2018 Flu Season
[SAMA] Episode 43: Spooky2 Biofeedback
[SAMA] Episode 44: Magnesium - One of the Most Important Nutrients for Your Health
[SAMA] Episode 45: The Science of How Color and Light Impact Mitochondrial Health, Brain Function and Sleep
[SAMA] Episode 46: The Importance of Time Dilation
[SAMA] Episode 47: Membrane Lipid Replacement for Chronic Illnesses, Aging and Cancer
[SAMA] Episode 48: What’s Making Our Children Sick?
[SAMA] Episode 49: Eco Communities: How do they function?
[SAMA] Episode 50: Self Healing
[SAMA] Episode 51: GeneratorX Q&A and Announcing A New Biofeedback Accessory
[SAMA] Episode 52: Recovery from Lyme Disease
[SAMA] Episode 53: Ozone Therapy for Chronic and Systemic Health Challenges
[SAMA] Episode 54: Parkinsons, Uterine Fibroids, Chronic Fatigue and Sexual Health
[SAMA] Episode 55: The Health Dangers of Roundup (glyphosate) Herbicide
[SAMA] Episode 56: The Cancer Answer
[SAMA] Episode 57: Spooky2 5th Anniversary World Tour Special Interview
[SAMA] Episode 58: Discover the Root Cause of Autoimmune Diseases
[SAMA] Episode 59: Changing Paradigms in Nutrition
[SAMA] Episode 60: Basic Meditation and Visualization Techniques
[SAMA] Episode 61: Spooky2 Scalar
[SAMA] Episode 62: The Secrets of Royal Raymond Rife's Beam Ray Revealed
[SAMA] Episode 63: Medicinal CBD and Cannabis
[SAMA] Episode 64: The Importance of Emotion and Gut Health
[SAMA] Episode 65: Challenges and Strategies in Navigating Chronic Lyme Disease and Other Complex Chronic Illnesses
[SAMA] Episode 66: Spooky2 Scalar Q&A
[SAMA] Episode 67: Which Rife Machine to Choose

[SAMA] Natural Health Secrets

[Natural Health Secrets] Episode 1: How to Heal Your Self Naturally and Become Your Own Doctor
[Natural Health Secrets] Episode 2: The Most Important Question to Ask Yourself to Achieve Total Well-Being in Your Life
[Natural Health Secrets] Episode 3: What is Natural Health and How a Disease Starts
[Natural Health Secrets] Episode 4: 3 Actions Necessary to Heal Ourselves
[Natural Health Secrets] Episode 5: Stop Taking Toxins into Your Body - Part 1
[Natural Health Secrets] Episode 5: Stop Taking Toxins into Your Body - Part 2
[Natural Health Secrets] Episode 5: Stop Taking Toxins into Your Body - Part 3
[Natural Health Secrets] Episode 6: How to Detox Your Life
[Natural Health Secrets] Episode 7: What Is Inflammation and Acidosis?
[Natural Health Secrets] Episode 8: Antioxidants and anti - inflammatory supplements
[Natural Health Secrets] Episode 9: 8 Ways To Boost Your Immune System
[Natural Health Secrets] Episode 10: Supplements for Your Immune System
[Natural Health Secrets] Episode 11: How to Build up Resistance
[Natural Health Secrets] Episode 12: How To Get Rid of Flu, Cold and Viral Infections
[Natural Health Secrets] Episode 13: Common Cold and Flu
[Natural Health Secrets] Episode 14: Home Remedies For Cold - Part 1
[Natural Health Secrets] Episode 15: Home Remedies For Cold - Part 2
[Natural Health Secrets] Episode 16: Importance of Gut and Causes of Indigestion
[Natural Health Secrets] Episode 17: General Tips for Indigestion
[Natural Health Secrets] Episode 18: Home Remedies for Indigestion
[Natural Health Secrets] Episode 19: Sitting for Long Periods Is Harmful for Your Health
[Natural Health Secrets] Episode 20: What to Do and How to Eradicate Too Much Sitting
[Natural Health Secrets] Episode 21: Radiation From Cell Phone You Need to Know
[Natural Health Secrets] Episode 22: Phubbing and Nomophobia
[Natural Health Secrets] Episode 23: Solutions to End Your Smartphone Addiction
[Natural Health Secrets] Episode 24: How to Overcome Phubbing
[Natural Health Secrets] Episode 25: The Essence of Natural Cancer
[Natural Health Secrets] Episode 26: 3 Recommendations for Cancer Treatment
[Natural Health Secrets] Episode 27: 10 Recommended Body Cleansing Programs
[Natural Health Secrets] Episode 28: Cancer Causing Foods
[Natural Health Secrets] Episode 29: 5 Things You Need to Avoid for Lowering Toxin Intake
[Natural Health Secrets] Episode 30: Tips for Fighting Cancer
[Natural Health Secrets] Episode 31: Understanding Allergies Instead of Misunderstanding
[Natural Health Secrets] Episode 32: 8 Conventional Allergy Treatments
[Natural Health Secrets] Episode 33: 9 Home Remedies to Avoid Allergy
[Natural Health Secrets] Episode 34: Everything You Need To Know About Parasites Infection
[Natural Health Secrets] Episode 35: How to Get Rid of Parasite Infection Naturally
[Natural Health Secrets] Episode 36: How to Develop an Anti - Parasite Diet
[Natural Health Secrets] Episode 37: The Truth About Candida You Need to Know
[Natural Health Secrets] Episode 38: 5 Common Causes of Yeast Infection
[Natural Health Secrets] Episode 39: 32 Signs of Yeast Infection and How to Identify with a Spit Test


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